DIY Package Toppers

These creative package toppers will add an extra bit of cheer to your holiday gifts. We love the idea of adding a homemade touch to each wrapped gift!

Tassel Gift Tags

These adorable tassel package toppers scream 'merry and bright'. Get the look by using various colors and patterns of wrapping paper and decorating with several strands of bakers twine or bright ribbons. Add a colorful gift tag and finish the look by tying on a pretty string tassel. Bonus idea: dress up plain cardstock gift tags by adding a few strips of washi tape to the bottom. 

Metallic Medallion

Make a show-stopping metallic gift topper with a few pieces of brightly-colored crepe paper. Start with a large metallic base, using our clever folding technique to create texture. Add several fringed pieces, and top with a metallic tinsel. Make this topper in various widths to match any size gift!

Learn how to make this topper. 

Felt Flower Topper

These pretty felt toppers are the perfect way to add a pop of color to any gift. Plus, they're easy to make! Cut an 8-inch strip of felt in the width you want the finished topper to be. Fold the felt lengthwise and hot glue the edges together. Cut the felt side opposite the glued ends; make cuts that stop about half an inch before the edges. Then, roll the glued edge from one end to the other, and secure with hot glue to keep the flower shape in place. 

Paper Tassels

Make these gorgeous tassels in just minutes! They're so easy, you can use coordinating paper to make a personalized tassel for each wrapped gift. Cut several long strips of paper and loop them so all the ends meet at the bottom. Wrap the group of strips with one extra strip, and secure with glue. Use a string or ribbon to secure them to the package. 

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T-Shirt Pom-Poms

These clever gift toppers are made from recycled T-shirts. Use a solid color T-shirt to get this look, or use a patterned shirt to create a multi-color pom! Bonus idea: use a well-loved shirt your child has grown out of to create a sentimental topper that can be used year after year. 

Learn how to make these toppers. 

Felt Hearts

These adorable felt hearts are the perfect gift topper. They look great on the package, and the recipient of the gift can keep the hearts as an ornament; they'll think of you every time they hang them on their tree. Use a combination of different colored felts, strings and ribbons to create a collection of personalized heart ornament toppers. 

Learn how to make them. 

Felt Bows

Make these adorable bow toppers out of felt or patterned paper. Alternate packages wrapped in patterned paper topped with solid bows, and solid gift wrap topped with patterned bows. We made these by attaching three easy shapes; use our easy instructions to create a whole pile of bows in minutes!

Learn how to make these bows. 

Yarn Pom-Pom

Top a stack of gifts with a multicolor pom. Since you only need small pieces, you can put your old yarn scraps to use with this fun project. And it's so easy, the kids can help!

Learn how to make yarn poms. 


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