Make this easy DIY gift topper that doubles as a pretty Christmas ornament. All it takes is colorful crepe paper, tinsel, and glue.


Instead of a boring bow, top your Christmas gifts with this DIY crepe paper medallion. Glittery gold tinsel adds the finishing touch to this handmade gift wrap. Add a piece of string to hang and this gift topper becomes a pretty keepsake Christmas ornament. 

What You'll Need

  • Metallic crepe paper
  • Glue
  • Two colors of 140- to 180-gram crepe paper
  • Metallic tinsel garland

Step 1: Cut and Fold

Cut out three 6×6-inch pieces of metallic crepe paper. Accordion-fold each with 1/2-inch pleats. Fold each accordion in half and glue inside pleats together to form a fan. Glue the sides of all three fans together to form a medallion

Step 2: Make Fringe

Cut four 3x10-inch strips of crepe paper, two of each color. Stack, alternating colors, and smooth out wrinkles. Use scissors to fringe one of the long edges of the stack. Roll and glue unfringed end to medallion, flattening fringe.

Step 3: Assemble

Gather 1-1/2-inches of tinsel garland into a ball. Glue to center. Attach medallion to gift with a glue dot or double-sided tape. Try adding a string to the medallion for a gorgeous Christmas ornament gift. Simply add hanging instructions to your package.


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