This Japanese Gift Wrapping Technique Is Brilliant

Learn how to wrap pretty presents—in under a minute—with this easy Japanese gift-wrapping technique.

You may have seen this super speedy gift-wrapping technique on social media lately—and we can totally see why it's trending! This folding method comes from a Japanese style of gift wrapping and, we have to admit, it's way faster than the traditional gift-wrap method we normally use. The technique uses a pull-and-fold method on each side of the gift, which means that once you've mastered one move, you can wrap the entire gift in seconds. If you're used to wrapping presents the old-fashioned way, this method does take some getting used to—but we promise it's totally worth it. Plus, it works with any kind of wrapping paper! Impress your friends with this fast and easy hack, or show off your skills at a gift-wrapping party.

Man holding a brown and green gift

How to Wrap a Gift

Supplies Needed

  • Gift wrap
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these simple how-to instructions to perfectly wrap a gift. It's so easy, you can wrap a package in under 30 seconds!

Step 1: Secure and Fold

The best part about the Japanese gift-wrap technique is that you don't have to worry about measuring your paper perfectly to avoid extra folds showing. We started with a piece of paper that measures about four times the size of our gift, and it was just the right size. Since this technique involves folding all excess paper under the visible seams, if you start with an extra-large piece of paper, your gift is likely to look lopsided at the end.

To begin the wrapping process, position your gift box so there is enough room for the top right corner of the paper to form a diagonal across the top of the package. Fold the paper so the corner of the gift wrap meets the corner of the box, then hold the paper in place with your left hand. There will be a natural fold in the top right side of the paper; pull this side out with your right hand and press down so the crease forms a line perpendicular to the top right vertical corner of the box. Then use your right hand to pull that corner up and over the box, allowing the excess paper to fold and crease under the flap. This pulling and folding technique is how you'll cover all four sides of your package.

Step 2: Pull and Fold

After you've made the first fold, use your right hand to hold the paper in place on top of the box. You don't need to tape down the folds as you go, like you would with the traditional wrapping method—another plus! Instead, you'll just hold the previous fold in place as you create the next fold until the box is completely wrapped. While your right hand holds the previous fold down, use your left hand to pull and crease the wrapping paper up and over the next side of the box the same way you did with the first fold.

Step 3: Continue Folding

Pull your second fold over the top of the box and hold it in place with your right hand. Don't worry if it hangs over the edge of the box top, you can attach the leftover paper at the very end! Use the same pull-and-fold technique to complete the final fold. On the last step, make sure all of the extra paper gets folded up under the main fold, so none remains visible.

Step 4: Finish and Secure

Finish wrapping the gift by pulling the final fold over the final side of the package—this is where you'll tape and secure the entire wrapped gift. You can keep the fold flat against both sides of the box (like the previous folds), or you can add creases on both sides to form a triangle shape. Add a piece of double-sided tape to the underside of the triangle, or use a piece of regular clear tape to secure the fold. Add a ribbon and a pretty DIY gift topper and your gift is ready to give!

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