Free Patterned Wrapping Paper and Gift-Wrapping Tips

Want to give your Christmas gifts perfect presentation but don't have much gift-wrapping expertise? Follow our easy, step-by-step instructions on how to wrap a Christmas gift, then download and print our free wrapping-paper patterns below!

How to Wrap a Christmas Gift

1. PREP SUPPLIES: Lay out your materials (store-bought wrapping paper or one of our patterns, below; clear tape; scissors; ribbon; and bow) on a clean, flat work surface. 

Free Sweater Gift Wrap in 11x17

Free Sweater Gift Wrap in 8.5x14

2. UNROLL THE PAPER: If your gift has an irregular shape, place it in a square or rectangular box. Set the gift, or the box containing the gift, on a length of wrapping paper, unrolling enough paper to wrap around the box with a few inches of overlap.

3. CUT THE PAPER: Mark where the overlap ends with a pencil and cut the wrapping paper, using a yardstick (or another object with a straight edge) to help you cut a straight line.

4. SECURE SIDES: Set the gift or gift box top down in the center of the wrapping paper, unprinted side up. Starting with one long side, secure one edge of the wrapping paper to the center of the gift box using tape. Repeat with the opposite side, making sure it overlaps the first edge.

5. CREATE FLAPS: Continuing with the short side, push the left and right edges in to form flaps on the top and bottom. Tape the upper and lower flaps to the box, making sure the flaps are sharply creased at the folds for neat presentation. Repeat for the opposite side of the gift box.

6. READY THE RIBBON: Cut a long piece of holiday-color ribbon (or one that matches your wrapping paper) and wrap it around the box both lengthwise and widthwise, twisting the ribbon at the center of the box to wrap it around both sides. Turn the wrapped box over so the taped edges are facedown; tie the ribbon into a bow at the center of the wrapped gift where the lengths of ribbon cross, or secure a store-bought bow at the same place.

7: ADD A CARD: Tuck a card under the ribbon and secure it to the wrapped gift using double-stick tape on the back of the card.

Get More Free Patterned Wrapping Paper

We have additional wrapping paper patterns that are free to download in two different colors and sizes. You can print our 8-1/2x11 wrapping paper patterns at home, or take our 20x30 or 27x36 wrapping paper patterns to a copy or print shop.

Select the pattern(s) you want, using the above image as a guide, and download them -- there is no limit to the number of patterns you can download! The wrapped box on the bottom of the stack is our Ikat pattern. The wrapped box second from the top is our Damask pattern. The wrapped box on the top is our Christmas Trellis pattern. Each pattern is available in the two colors shown.

Learn how to make a classic bow to add polish to your Christmas gifts.


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