We'll show you how to make a floral bow to top bouquets, wrapped gifts, and holiday wreaths.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated May 24, 2019

Put the finishing touch on your grocery store bouquet (or wrapped gift!) with a handmade floral bow. Gather your favorite ribbon and try this easy DIY—a simple looping technique is all you'll need to master. We'll show you how to make an easy florist bow in just four simple steps.

How to Make a Florist Bow

Supplies Needed

  • Wide ribbon of your choice
  • Thin satin ribbon of your choice
  • Scissors

Step-by-Step Directions

This easy embellishment is the perfect topper for Christmas gifts or holiday wreaths. The steps below explain how to tie a florist bow with ribbon.

Step 1: Twist Ribbon

When making a florist bow, we found it was easiest to leave the ribbon on the spool and cut it after the bow is complete. For a handmade bow that holds its shape, opt for a thick ribbon or one that has wire edges. Determine the tail length and twist the ribbon at this point, keeping the right side of the ribbon facing you. This will form the center of your bow.

Jacob Fox

Step 2: Create Loops

Make a loop and give the ribbon a twist at the center. Holding the twist between your thumb and index finger, make a second loop the same size in the opposite direction. Twist the loop toward you. Pinch the ribbon tightly at the center to keep the bow's shape.

Jacob Fox
Jacob Fox

Step 3: Tie Center

Continue making same-size loops, alternating sides until the bow has the fullness you want. For our bow, we made ten loops. Wrap a narrow width of ribbon around the bow's center and tie the tails together in the back of the bow. Do not trim the narrow ribbon tails (you'll use them to attach the bow to your wrapped gift or bouquet).

Jacob Fox
Jacob Fox

Step 4: Finish Bow

Arrange the loops as desired to shape your floral bow. Smooth any creases or folds in the loops. Use the narrow ribbon tails to attach the bow to your project, gift, or try adding it to a handmade wreath.



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