8 Wrapping Stations to Please the Perfectionist in You

These truly take the stress out of holiday planning.

The magic of the holiday season is often overshadowed by the stress and the mess of gift wrapping. Many parents find themselves on December 24 up to their knees in scrap paper, empty tape rolls, and knots of ribbon that somehow found its way off the spool. We often wonder how those with perfectly wrapped gifts manage! No, they don't start gift wrapping in July; they just have amazing wrapping stations. Check out some of our favorite holiday gift wrap stations below that will inspire you to get a head start on holiday gift preparation.

1. Seasonal Wrapping Station

Adhesive hooks turn any blank wall into the perfect pop-up wrapping station to meet your holiday needs. Creatively use the hooks to hold gift bags, scissors, or a clipboard full of name tags. Then remove the hooks and reclaim your space in January when the gift-giving madness is officially over.

2. Behind Closed Doors

Not everyone has an entire room to dedicate to gift wrapping, and that's OK! Make use of forgotten space by using an over-the-door supply station to corral gift wrap, ribbon, and tissue paper.

3. Rainbow of Ribbon

This is a bow-lover's paradise. Ten spools of ribbon are contained and tangle-free in this floating shelf storage solution. Just imagine the gorgeous gifts you can make with this rainbow of colors at your fingertips!

4. Repurposed Hamper

Make better use of the hamper sitting in the back of your closet by turning it into a portable wrapping station. Line the inside with festive fabric and sew large pockets to hold scissors and tape. The tall basin is the perfect place to collect tubes of wrapping paper!

5. Storage Solutions

If you're an all-star gift wrapper, this setup is your dream. Tall buckets and dowel rods hold seasonal wrapping paper while other paper goods stay in their proper place with labeled storage containers. You will never lose your tape again.

6. Lifted Organization

Mount common desk and paper organizers on the wall to make the most of your limited wrapping space. Having a clean, empty desktop gives you enough room to wrap gifts while all your supplies are still at your fingertips.

7. Hutch Makeover

Turn an antique cabinet into the ultimate wrapping station with a fresh coat of paint and a few hooks and shelves. A large slide-out surface acts as a wrapping table that can disappear at a moment's notice.

8. Wrap Zone

Pegboards make the perfect craft and wrap station because you can easily switch things up as you need. The mailbox storage is a genius spot for holding a tube of paper and miscellaneous supplies while the three-tiered basket organizes paper trimmings neatly.


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