11 Easy Homemade Bows to Top Your Christmas Gifts with Style

present wrapped with gold bow on top

Get the look of expensive department store gift wrap in no time and for little money. Top your Christmas gifts with beautiful handmade bows. We'll show you how to make a bow for any type of present including classic bows, pom-pom bows, and even florist bows.

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Pretty Paper Bows

paper bow gift boxes
Carson Downing

Give your holiday gift a modern spin by opting for paper bows instead of classic ribbons. These handmade bows are so easy to personalize; use wrapping paper, patterned paper, or cardstock in colors that coordinate with your wrapping paper.

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Homemade Gift Bow

modern masculine holiday gifts and ornaments
Jacob Fox

You know those gorgeous bows department stores add to their wrapped gifts? You can make them yourself! Save the few dollars you would spend on each bow at the store and make a whole batch of these DIY bows at home. You can use any kind of paper, which means they're guaranteed to match your gifts. Cut nine paper strips in varying sizes; our smallest was 3 inches and the largest was about 7 inches. Fold each strip into a figure eight and secure with glue, tape or staples. Then, stack the shapes largest to smallest to create the bow form. Secure the pieces together and add to your gift.

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4 DIY Bows

Use our easy tutorial to make bows even Santa's elves would approve of. Follow along with your own materials to create gorgeous DIY gift toppers and homemade bows.

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Three-Tiered Bow

pretty floral wrapped gift with blue ribbon bow

Use three widths of ribbon to make this gorgeous tiered bow. Match the colors of ribbon to a color family within the wrapping paper for a beautifully tailored finish.

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Felt Gift Topper

wrapped gifts with diy felt bows

A few cuts and a little bit of stitching turn an ordinary piece of felt into a pretty felt topper. It looks complicated, but it's so easy! This decorative Christmas topper is the perfect way to add a homemade touch to your gifts this year.

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Classic Bow

plaid wrapped gifts classic bow
Adam Albright

If you've ever wondered how to tie a classic ribbon bow, this is it! When you see how easy it is to create perfect loops with tails that lay flat, you'll be adding this simple bow to everything! It's perfect for wrapped gifts and small Christmas crafts—or make large bows out of extra-wide ribbon to create a festive staircase garland.

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Layered bow

Step 4.

This DIY gift bow looks intricate, but it's actually so easy to make! Use a wide ribbon in a bright color to dress up a gift wrapped in solid wrapping paper. With a few clever folds of the ribbon, your gift will be ready to go under the tree in just minutes!

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Two-Toned Bow

pink and gold ribbon on top of polka dot wrapped gift

Take your bow game up a notch by making two-toned ribbons. Choose ribbons of different colors and widths and layer them as you tie the bow. We love the way this pink and gold ribbon pops!

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Rosette Bow

present wrapped with gold bow on top

The rosette bow is a classic Christmas bow you need to know how to make. Skip the expensive bows at the craft store and make your own this year! With a few twists of pretty ribbon, you'll have a collection of beautiful Christmas bows in no time.

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Florist Bow

pink ribbon bow on floral bouquet
Jacob Fox

Adding the final touch to a purchased bouquet or handmade gift. Customize your simple bow with patterned or solid ribbon. This pretty florist bow is made with looped ribbon—make your own in just four easy steps.

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Pom-Pom Bow

Pom-Pom Bow
Matthew Clark

A simple looping technique is all you need to make this simple gift topper. Use a buffalo check ribbon to add a pattern to plain paper or customize your handmade pom-pom bow with your favorite ribbon. Choose a ribbon with wire edges for easy styling.

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