Ditch the one-time-use paper for these gorgeous alternatives.
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I love wrapping Christmas gifts. Every year I choose a color scheme and cover my boxes in various shades of shiny, patterned paper and color-coordinating ribbons and bows. But I recently found out that gift wrap is not great for the environment because it actually can’t be recycled (because of the dyes and shiny elements used on the paper). Instead, 4 million pounds of wrapping paper goes into the landfill each year—not great. So, as I start thinking about what Christmas gifts to buy this year, I’ve also been on the lookout for alternative wrapping solutions. Gift bags are a step up from wrapping paper because they can be reused, but they also can’t be recycled. So I’ve settled on Furoshiki wraps—otherwise known as fabric gift wrap. 

Furoshiki wraps have been used in Japan for centuries, and they’re a gorgeous solution to the environmental problem. The wraps are colorful, patterned pieces of fabric that are meant to be tied around a gift and reused over and over again. And there are tons of pretty, budget-friendly options online! 

The wraps retail for around $15, which might seem like a lot compared to a $5 roll of wrapping paper. But when you consider that you’ll need at least one $5 roll every year, a $15 reusable wrap will pay for itself in just three years—and won’t hurt the environment. If you’re interested in making the switch, here are a few of our favorite options available online.

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Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / Coolandmellow

Striped Fabric Wrap

One reason I love wrapping gifts in paper is because I can accessorize with traditional ribbons and bows, which aren't necessary when you wrap a gift with fabric. But there are other ways to dress up your fabric-wrapped gifts—like a gorgeous seasonal sprig of greenery. These wraps are made from a soft linen and do take a few weeks to ship, so place your holiday orders now. Choose from small (16 inches square), medium (24 inches square), or large (31 inches square), or order the combo set of all three.

Buy It: Linen Furoshiki Wrap (from $15, Etsy)

gift wrapped in blue and yellow fabric
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / VADELMACREATIONS

Blue and Yellow Wrap

This winter, wrap your DIY Christmas gifts in a gorgeous blue and yellow patterned fabric wrap. Choose from small, medium, or large sizes: The seller suggests the small size for wrapping a book or similar-sized gift and the large size for covering a gift the size of a few bottles of wine. This wrap is made from 100% cotton and is ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

Buy It: Reusable Fabric Wrap (from $8, Etsy)

patterned fabric wraps
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

6-Piece Fabric Set

If you're ready to commit to using fabric wrappings, you'll need more than one! This set features six gorgeous designs in pieces that measure 15 x 19 inches. The soft cotton wraps are the perfect size for books, trinkets, and other small to medium gifts.

Buy It: Furoshiki Cloth Set ($12, Amazon)

gift wrapped with fabric
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / VADELMACREATIONS

Yellow Floral Wrap

This yellow and white floral pattern is neutral enough to use for Christmas as well as birthdays and other holidays throughout the year. The cotton fabric wrap measures 52 centimeters square and is made in France but ships to the US for less than $3.

Buy It: Furoshiki Wrap ($12, Etsy)

double-sided cloth
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Double-Sided Wrap

Get double-duty out of your fabric wrap by looking for one that's reversible. This 19-inch wrap is made from 100% cotton (it's washable!) and features two different fabrics, so you can choose a color and pattern that best suits the gift-giving occasion.

Buy It: Reversible Furoshiki Wrap ($12, Amazon)


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