These Easy Christmas Gift Tags Will Instantly Upgrade Any Package

rectangle wrapped in white paper with gold writing on it, with a gold hoop on top

Make this year's gifts stand out. Add personalized gift toppers and tags to presents for your friends and family. Create a homemade gift tag, or use our free downloads to make Christmas packages look extra special.

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Plaid Gift Idea

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package black and white gift wrap with a snowflake

Be bold with your ribbon and topper. Position plaid gift wrap on the diagonal and wrap the box. Add one simple band of wide ribbon, overlapping and gluing ends to secure. (If your package embellishment is large enough to cover the seam, you can join the ends at center front.) Stack graduated sizes of die-cut snowflakes; hot-glue one to the other. Hot-glue the stack to the package ribbon.

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Greenery Gift Topper

rectangle wrapped in white paper with gold writing on it, with a gold hoop on top

To make this topper, spray-paint two metal rings gold and set them aside to dry. Tie them together at the top with narrow ribbon. Wire small snippets of evergreen and small pinecones to the bottom of the rings. Attach the rings to the wrapped package with glitter ribbon.

Editor's Tip: Our rings were silver before we painted them. Leave them unpainted if you prefer a silver-and-white combination.

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Cookie Cutter Topper

gift box wrapped in red and white snowflake wrapping paper, next to white snowflake ornaments and red sparkly ball ornaments

Capture that special Christmas joy with patterned paper and cookie cutters! Wrap your gift in a snowflake-patterned paper and add two bands of ribbon, one on top of the other. Using a ribbon with a decorative edging adds another element of interest to the package. For a gift that keeps on giving, use metal or plastic cookie cutters instead of a bow.

Editor's Tip: Package gifts of every shape in square or rectangular boxes. Your gifts will look polished and wrap sessions will be simple.

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Ornament Topper

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package reindeer paper

The reindeer is a classic symbol of Christmas! Wrap your gift in reindeer-patterned paper and add a narrow red ribbon with gold thread details. Thread a plain white gift tag onto 1/8-inch red ribbon. Bend greenery into a mini wreath and lay it in place on the gift tag. Then position and hot-glue a trophy deer ornament in place. Finally, tie the tag to the bow center.

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Snowflake Wrapping

box wrapped in black and white snowflake paper with silver ribbon around the package

Add interest to your package by attaching any number of ribbon bands, depending on the size of your package. (We like to use an uneven number and vary the positions of the snowflake ornaments.) Overlap band ends on the back, using hot-glue to secure. For each band, cut a length of eyelash trim or tinsel garland. Center it on the ribbon and glue at the back. Finish by hot-gluing a plastic or acrylic snowflake ornament on top of each ribbon.

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Toy Gift Tag

three packages wrapped in green patterned wrapping paper on a green wood surface

Use a favorite ornament as a festive gift topper. Wrap your gift, placing the stripes on the diagonal. Even if you use the same paper again and again, your presents will look different due to pattern placement with some stripes running lengthwise, some widthwise, and others on the diagonal. Add a narrow green ribbon, tie a classic bow, and top with a mini toy soldier ornament.

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Sweater Patterned Tag

fun modern holiday gift wrap

We love the bright, hand-drawn quality of these fun tags! Use the sweater-patterned tag to upscale any solid wrapping paper and top off with a yarn or twine bow. And we're pretty sure the tree tag is so cute, it will match any kind of wrapping paper.

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Monogram Topper

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package plaid wrapping paper

Instead of tying a traditional bow on your gift, tie a knot then add a third loose loop and trim the ribbon ends into a V-shape. Purchase a laser-cut letter and cover it with decorative paper (you'll find great ones in the scrapbook department). Or you can cut your own letter from cardstock. If you cut your own and plan to make multiples, we recommend covering the cardstock with paper, using spray adhesive, and then cutting out the shapes. Tie the letter to your finished bow.

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Star Gift Tag

rectangle package wrapped in gold and white paper with white paper tags and gold sparkly ball ornaments next to it

Upcycle paper straws into gift toppers or a fun DIY star ornament. Wrap your gift in layers, starting with dark patterned paper (we used black paper with gold stars), then cut a band of gold foil paper smaller than the package and add it to the center, followed by an even smaller band of white paper or a wide white satin ribbon. Wrap a length of gold eyelash cording down the center. Overlap the four gold straws and glue each to the next at the center and trim lengths as needed. Use hot glue to fasten the star to the cording, then glue a sequin to the star center.

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String of Lights

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package with red glitter

Narrow ribbon and festive cordings let the package tie-ons take center stage. Coat lightbulb ornaments with crafts glue and roll in red glitter. Let them dry thoroughly. (To avoid damage, suspend them by an ornament hook from a wire hanger until dry.) String bulbs on red eyelash cording and tie on your package.

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Nature-Inspired Gift

wrapped gift
Jason Donnelly

Give your holiday packages a woodland theme. Add a narrow black ribbon to your wrapped gift and tuck in a cluster of gold foliage and greenery. For a dimensional add-on, layer two laser-cut wooden bird ornaments and secure with hot glue.

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Tree Topper

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package with snowflakes

Create a mini holiday scene atop your wrapping paper. Choose materials that speak to the woodland theme: woodgrain paper, ribbon with dots of falling snow, a card that sets the background with snow and forest, and mini bottle-brush trees that pull the scene forward.

Wrap your gift and add a band of ribbon down the center lengthwise. Trim the ends so they just meet, and use hot-glue to hold them in place at the center front. (Any overlap might create a bump under your card.) With double-stick tape, attach a holiday card, then hot glue bottle-brush trees to the left and right of the card.

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Polka Dot Gift

small square box wrapped in red, white and green polka dot paper, with a white christmas tree on top

A cupcake topper gets a new look on this wrapped Christmas gift. Cut an oval from red cardstock and use hot glue to secure it to the center of a gift wrapped in polka dot paper. Trim the toothpick from the bottom of a honeycomb tree cupcake decoration, then open it halfway. Then use hot glue to attach it to the center of the red oval.

Editor's Tip: If you cannot find a printed wrap you like, simply purchase sticky dots and decorate a plain white sheet of paper.

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Metallic Gift Topper

christmas gift wrapped in black paper with a gold sparkly bow on top

Check your local crafts supply store for die-cut stars with matching ribbon. Wrap a gift in black patterned paper and add a gold-metallic ribbon. Purchase a gold-glitter star to match your ribbon, or cover a star die-cut with a piece of the ribbon and trim the edges. To add dimension, put a dot of hot glue on one star tip and simply rest it inside the bow loop. Tuck in gold foliage to finish.

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Wreath Gift Wrap

package wrapped in red and white polka dot wrapping paper with a small green wreath on top

Make a mini wreath by first bending wired evergreen into a circle, using needle-nose pliers to join the ends. Decorate the wreath with a circle of wired beads or a ring of mini pom-poms strung on thin wire or heavy thread. Use hot glue to hold it to the evergreen wreath, then hot-glue a bow to the bottom. Tie narrow green ribbon to one wreath side. Position the wreath in the package center, bring the ribbon under and around to the opposite side, and fasten the ribbon to the other side of the wreath.

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Holly Leaf Tag

DIY Gift wrap berries

A bright holiday-print tag adds a pretty pop of color to a package wrapped in classic brown paper and twine. Print on one side of the cards so you can add a personalized message on the opposite side. Add a sprig of leaves or berries to make your packages extra festive; bonus points if your embellishments match the tags!

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Pom-Pom Topper

Christmas gift wrap gift tags package ho ho ho wrapping paper

When you've wrapped your gift, add one band of wide satin ribbon to break up the busyness of the repeated lettering. Purchase a topper or make your own yarn pom-pom. Most crafts supply stores sell yarn, and many sell a pom-pom tool. Finish by hot-gluing the pom-pom to the ribbon.

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Gift Card Tags

turquoise wrapped gift with bow

Give a two-in-one gift this year; these fun gift card holders double as cute gift tags! Make your own set of tags with a few paper towel tubes and some patterned paper—then simply slide a gift card into the holder and attach it to a ribbon.

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Modern Tree Tags

black gift wrap and modern tags

We love the way this modern look makes a bold statement. Solid paper and a pop of bright ribbon pair perfectly with more traditional holiday elements like a sprig of evergreen and these adorable tree tags.

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Festive Holiday Tags

playful gift wrap ideas

We love the fact that these colorful, festive tags go with any kind of gift wrap! Use them on a simple package like one wrapped in craft paper or solid wrapping paper, or add them to a patterned wrap or gift bag.

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Brown Box Tags

christmas gifts

Brown paper packages are one of our favorite things. Doll yours up with our free gift tags: A pair of mittens, a green-stamp design, and a striped "To: From:" rectangle. Together they make a nostalgic trio.

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Chalkboard Gift Tag

Noel tag

The slate background color of this Christmas gift tag gives it a trendy chalkboard look. We make this tag extra easy to make by giving you the printable version. Simply click, print, and tie.

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Layered Tree Tag


A pretty layered tree adds sweetness to a basic tag shape. Use a punch or hand-cut a Christmas tree shape from five scraps of green paper. Layer the scraps together and attach to a white tag mounted on a kraft paper tag.

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No-Bake Clay Tags

gift boxes, gifts, tree tags

Create a set of personalized tree tags for each of your gifts this year. Cut out tree shapes from air-dry clay and decorate each one with paint. Our favorite part about these is that the tags double as an ornament for the recipient to keep!

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Fluffy Snowman Tag

snowman gift tags

This might be the most adorable gift tag you make all year. Stack fuzzy white pom-poms to form the body of a very fluffy snowman, and use real twigs to create arms for your very own Frosty. Use hot glue to attach the arms and use more twig pieces to create a matching hat. It's the cutest snuggly snowman we've ever seen!

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Stitched Snowflake Tag

snowflake gift tag

No two are exactly alike! To make a snowflake tag, poke six clusters of holes around a felt tag. String contrasting yarn through the holes, and secure in the back with hot glue.

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Button Snowman Tag

snowman gift tag

Have some fun outfitting a snowman made from differently-sized clear or white buttons! Attach the buttons to the tag with glue, and add a paper carrot nose, red ribbon scarf, and paper or inked-on top hat. Make a whole batch of these adorable tags so each person on your gift list gets a personalized snowman!

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Pink Ornament Tag

Simple Ornament Tag
Simple Ornament Tag.

Just print and punch to get this scallop-edge tag; it's that easy! Since this one doesn't require glue or craft materials, it's one that would be perfect on food gifts. Attach to a cookie tin or a jar of hot chocolate mix for a cozy and cute winter gift.

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Three-High Musical Tags

holiday gifts

The lucky recipient might just burst into song when they receive this adorable trio of stacked gift boxes adorned with rhinestone-studded tags. Hot-glue round white tags atop green cardstock circles, then add gems around rub-on letters.

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Musical Tree Tag

holiday gift tag

Cut sheet-music patterned paper into a tag shape and the giftee will quickly be singing a happy tune. Glue some paper trees on top, and embellish with buttons or matching brads.

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Circle Tag

Diamond-Motif Christmas Gift Tag

A round tag rimmed with circle designs is a playful way to label your Christmas gifts. Use sticker letters to add a name to the middle of the tag or get creative and hand-letter the recipient's name.

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