Creative Gift-Card Holders for Christmas

What's on everyone's wish list these days? Gift cards! They may seem impersonal, but you can up the giving appeal by skipping store options for a homemade holder.

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    Paper Pocket Ornaments

    Cut in the shapes of traditional ornaments, these ornaments are perfect for using leftover pieces of scrapbook paper. The paper is sewn together to form little pockets that hold Christmas goodies.

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    Crazy-Quilted Mittens

    Turn fabric scraps into clever places to stash cash or gift cards. These quilted mittens can be tied on packages or hung from the tree.

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    Vellum Stockings

    These stockings made from patterned vellum and other papers cleverly stow gift certificates or cash. Trims, such as bands of ribbon and beading, make these paper stockings almost worthy of hanging from a mantel.

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    Minty Fresh Gift Cards

    Small mint tins are the perfect size for a gift card package. Just cover the label and inside the tin with holiday-theme gift wrap.

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    Frame the Card

    A picture frame playfully announces this gift -- which is actually two gifts in one!

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    Felted Money Tree

    Hide some money in this felted money tree, which can be displayed as an ornament or a package topper.

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    Jewel Case Presentation

    Clever packaging makes gift cards extra special. Present a card in a bright color mini-CD jewel case lined with wrapping paper; seal with a sticker.

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    Money Bags

    When cash or a gift card is just one part of the gift, use these clever bags. A pocket made of scrapbook paper holds money or cards, while the bag itself can be used to stash larger presents.

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    In the Cards

    Send glad tidings (and a token of appreciation) to friends and family with these bright and cheery gift-card holders made from scrapbook supplies.

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    Glad Tidings

    Give gift cards extra value by packaging them in these cute paper pockets. Textural watercolor paper, hand-painted designs, and clever embellishments cash in on Christmas style.

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    Hidden Treasure

    Put some fun into a greeting with vibrant card stock, die-cut trim, and rub-on letters. This handmade card in the shape of a stocking hides a gift card under the cuff, which seals shut using hook-and-loop tape.

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    In The Bag

    This sweet card has all the hallmarks of a real purse, from the stitched hem to the snap closure. Made of bold scrap booking papers, the handbag opens to reveal a gift card inside.

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    Tied In A Bow

    This playful card is long on charm, thanks to scrapbook flowers that stack to form a festive bow. The gift inside may be a simple piece of plastic, but this package is as special as anything under the tree.

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    Hanging Around

    Rickrack transforms this festive red-and-white card holder into a pocketbook-like tree ornament. Hang it on a bough so it and its contents will stay clear of the floor-level frenzy on Christmas Eve.

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    Buttoned Up

    Red buttons serve as ornaments and a star-shape button becomes the shining topper in this tree-shape holder. A loop attached to the top of the tree wraps over the star button to secure the front cover. When unlooped, the tree pulls downward to reveal the pocket that stows the gift card.

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    Check out these pretty gift-card holders made from scrapbooking supplies.

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