10 Amazing Ways to Transform Paper into Beautiful Gift Wrap

These are almost too pretty to open!

You put a lot of consideration, time, and energy into choosing the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. Make the packaging equally impressive with these 10 amazing wrapping hacks. Not only will your holiday gifts be super unique and gorgeous under the tree, they'll save you some serious cash! High-quality wrapping paper is expensive, and the cheap stuff wrinkles and tears easily. All of these wrapping hacks use plain craft paper as the starting point. Really pinched for cash? Use paper grocery bags! Round up a few other basic supplies, most of which you probably already have on hand, and you're ready to go. From adorable DIY wrapping papers to exciting extras like handmade gift toppers and holiday tape, we've got you and your gifts covered. Check out all 10 tips below:

1. DIY Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

Linocut Boy

This one might have you feeling nostalgic. A simple potato stamp (like you probably made in elementary art class) and a bit of paint is all you need to transform a basic roll of plain paper into a super adorable, handmade wrapping paper. Choose a basic holiday shape to make your stamp. Not a great artist? No worries, just grab a cookie cutter to use as a stencil and cut out your shape. Spread a little acrylic paint on a paper plate and get stamping! Talk about a transformation!

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2. Elegant Calligraphy Wrapping Paper

Boxwood Avenue

If you've been into the calligraphy craze lately, this custom gift wrap is the perfect way to show off your skills. Choose a felt tip pen that fits your color scheme. You can even use a metallic paint pen if you're looking to make this super chic and scrawl a cheery holiday message. Smaller font is fun for your recipients to read, or super size it for a more abstract effect. Top it off with a simple bow or a bit of twine for a serious showstopper.

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3. Lush, Fragrant Gift Toppers

These Four Walls

There's something so sweet about plain paper wrapping. It feels fresh and modern while evoking a vintage, homey vibe. Plus, it's the perfect neutral backdrop for some stellar bows and gift toppers. Let nature do the talking with a simple herb or greenery branch tied onto the top with a bit of twine or string. Not only is it super darling, it will add a bit of yummy fragrance to your space until you give it away.

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4. Custom Monogrammed Packages

Even Artichokes Have Hearts

Skip the store-bought gift tags and opt for a classic monogram instead. Choose a paper that fits your aesthetic or select a different motif for each person on your list. Some newsprint for dad, a pretty floral for mom, patterned papers to fit whatever theme your kids are currently into or find some festive holiday prints or glitter card stock to match your home's decor. The options are truly endless! No matter what you choose, you'll have simple custom gift wrap that's sure to impress.

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5. One of a Kind Paper Snowflake Wrapping

Splash of Something

Everyone loves paper snowflakes. They're simple and sweet and make us feel like kids again. Why not use them for wrapping? You can even enlist the kids to help with this hack. Grab your scissors and whip up a bunch of paper snowflakes, then simply tie or tape them to your wrapped gifts for a little something extra. Plus, after Grandma opens her beautiful gift, she'll have a bit of holiday art to hang on the windows!

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6. Holly Berry Gift Wrap

Little White Whale

Talk about simple! Take a plain package to the next level with these darling holly berry gift tags. Cut out a basic holly leaf shape and thread it onto ribbon or string as you tie up your package. Then add a few circles for berries. You can use paper punches, small stickers, or simply draw some on the paper with a marker. Write the recipient's name on the holly leaf for a darling little package they'll love to receive.

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7. Tree Topper Packages

Live Give Love

This might be the cutest thing I've ever seen! Inspired by soaps from Anthropologie, these Christmas tree-topped car packages are sure to get some smiles. Small bottle brush trees are easy to find this time of year, and they're cheap! So, head to a nearby craft store and buy a bunch for this adorable wrapping hack. Add a little car doodle to your plain paper, check out stock images for inspiration or to make a simple stencil, or find a rubber stamp if drawing isn't your thing. Tie the tree on top with a bit of colored twine. Maybe make a few extra just to have on hand as decorations, because these might be too cute to give away.

See more examples at Live Give Love

8. Holiday Doodles Wrapping Paper

Alisa Burke

Find yourself doodling on the edges of papers during your staff meetings or while daydreaming about all things Christmas? Us too. Put those skills to good use! Take some basic paper and design your own custom wrapping. Try basic brown paper accented with a white paint pen for a light, vintage vibe. Or opt for black paper for an on-trend chalkboard finish. The sky's the limit here, so tap into your creative side and doodle away!

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9. DIY Holiday Tape

Giochi Di Carta

We put a lot of effort into choosing adorable wrapping paper, festive ribbon, and the perfect bow. Tape, however, is usually considered utilitarian and we try to wrap efficiently to hide it and use as little as possible. Not today! Grab a big ol' roll of packing tape and let it take center stage with this fantastic wrapping hack. Use a paper punch to create lots of tiny paper shapes — stars, hearts, standard circles, or maybe even glitter if you're feeling brave — in your favorite colors. Scatter them on the sticky side of the tape, leaving enough uncovered that it will still stick to the paper and use it to wrap your gifts. Choose a small ribbon to run down the center and top it off. So unique!

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10. Snowman Gift Tower

Simply Living Green

With a few simple adornments you probably already have in the house, you can turn basic boxes into an adorable companion for your tree. Wrap three gifts of descending size in plain white paper and stack them up to make your snowman. Get creative with the details glue on some buttons you have lying around, use sticks or cardboard tubing for arms, wrap a cozy scarf, and top him off with a festive chapeau. This merry snowman is the perfect addition to your holiday decorations and is sure to bring in some serious holiday cheer.

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