Christmas Gift Wrapping

Add a personal touch to Christmas presents for friends and family with our simple Christmas gift-wrapping ideas.  We’ll show you how to wrap a gift and put on the finishing touch with our easy Christmas gift tags or try one of our ideas for easy handmade bows.

How to Make a Layered Bow in 4 Simple Steps

This looks like an intricate, store-bought bow but it's actually super simple to make at home.
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How to Make a Perfect Gift Bow, Every Time

This easy paper-folding hack will help you make a gorgeous bow every time.
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Ditch the Paper: Learn How to Wrap a Gift with Fabric

Ditch the wrapping paper and learn to wrap your gifts with fabric this holiday season. This eco-friendly swap couldn't be easier.
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Make a Gift Bow From Cardboard

Tie up a brown paper package with a corrugated bow, and soon it will be one of your favorite things.
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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Recycle Most Wrapping Paper

Every Christmas, people toss gift wrap scraps into their recycling bin without thinking twice. See why most wrapping paper belongs in the trash and what you can do to reduce waste.
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More Christmas Gift Wrapping

How to Make a Bow: 5 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Any Package

Learn how to make a bow out of ribbon or paper for your prettiest wrapped gifts ever. We'll show you how to tie five different bows for any occasion.
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How to Make a Bow with Ribbon in 4 Easy Steps

Bows add polish to packages, wreaths, and all kinds of holiday decorating, and these beauties do it with style and ease. Here's how to make a simple bow that will impress friends and family.
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This Year's Prettiest Christmas Wrapping Papers

It’s never too early to start wrapping! These are our favorite gift wrap picks for 2018.