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See Better Homes and Gardens top gift picks from our December 2012 issue for entertaining gurus and novices alike -- you can spend as little as $5 and as much as $90 with this versatile selection.

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    Popsicle Stick Charades Game

    It's not a party without a classic game of charades -- simply select a stick and act out the phrase for endless entertainment.

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    Teak and Stainless Cheese Set

    Bring out your best party tools with this set of three stainless-steel cheese tools with teak handles.

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    Coro Glassware Set

    Raise a sleek, gold-bottom glass to toast special moments.

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    Ceramic Cheese Tray

    This beautifully-crafted cheese tray comes with a marker for labeling each selection.

    Buy from: Flat of the Hill, 617/619-9977

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    Recipe Greeting Cards

    These 5x7 cards feature an illustrated recipe on the front and full instructions on the back.

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    Metallic Burst Porcelain Plate

    A set of these elegant 8-inch plates add party punch to a simple table setting.

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    Ceramic Dessert Bowls

    Dish out dessert in these ceramic dessert bowls, available in four colors.

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    Brass Magnolia Serving Utensils

    These brass serving utensils modeled after magnolia branches lend natural elegance to dinner parties.

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    Gummy Glass Carafe

    The slim swirl of bold color on this glass carafe provides a silicone ridge for a firm grip when pouring party drinks.

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    Lattice Print Votive Holder

    The etched lattice pattern on this glass votive creates party-ready light play.

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    Apron Gift Package

    This cook-friendly gift package comes with a waist apron, a child's apron (pictured), unique heirloom kits, and 25 recipe cards -- a perfect gift for moms and daughters.

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    Beater Whisk

    This compact nylon whisk comes in eight different colors, stores easily, and is dishwasher safe.

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    Artisan Breakfast Syrups

    Perfect for pancakes or breakfast beverages, such as smoothies or brunch cocktails, these infused syrups are an entertaining must-have.

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    Teak Measuring Spoons

    This set of teak measuring spoons gives your utensil drawer classic style.

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    Honey Jar

    An acacia wood lid with a rope pull makes a charming topper for this 4-inch-tall honey jar.

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    Rotary Grater

    Available in eight colors, this rotary grater provides uniform results every time, and its ergonomic handle can be used by both righties and lefties.

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    Olive Oil Dipping Dishes

    This Pinzimonio dipping dish for olive oil has a tiered design that enhances the oil's color at each level, perfect for party-ready display.

    See a list of retailers where you can purchase this product at the link below.

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    Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

    Bake cookies with something to say using this set of alphabet letter cookie cutters.

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    Paper Gemstone Coasters

    It's all in the details with these brightly colored drink coasters that mimic the facets of precious stones.

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    Brass Knot Bottle Opener

    Function meets party-ready design with this pretty bottle opener.

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    Wood-Inspired Stoneware Pitcher

    This stoneware pitcher brings woodland charm to the table.

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