Our Favorite Electronic Gifts and Accessories

From smartphone storage cases to smart watches, shop for the techie in your life with inexpensive accessories (around $6) up to full-fledged electronics for a few hundred dollars.

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    Portable Rechargable Speaker Stand

    Take your music on the go with this mini speaker stand. Just plug in your smartphone and listen to music or watch movies for up to 6 hours of rechargable battery life.

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    Android SmartWatch

    This smarter-than-average watch does more than tell time -- it also lets you update your status, check email and text messages, and more.

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    Retro-Theme Alarm Dock

    Bring back the nostalgic style of the wood grain flip clocks to your nightstand. An iPhone running a flip clock app brings new tech to this retro look.

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    Micro Gem Headphones

    Make a fashion statement while listening to music with these copper headphones.

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    Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ iHS Camera

    Snap your best shots with the incredible zoom feature and ultra wide-angle lens on this versatile digital camera.

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    Bamboo Multicharging Station

    Plug up to five electronic devices into this sleek charging station that keeps wires hidden in the base.

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    Portable Body Scale

    This ultracompact, space-saving scale can fit in tiny bathrooms, purses, or bags.

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    iPhone Secret Storage Case

    This handy iPhone case keeps everyday essentials -- phone, money, credit card, ID, and a mirror -- all in one place with a convenient wristlet.

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    Metallic iPad Flip Case

    Protect and camouflage an iPad with this handmade bamboo case, available in an array of bright colors.

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    Two-in-One Emote Stylus and Pen

    One end of the Emote stylus writes smoothly on a tablet; uncap the other end for use on paper.

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