Ribbon Doorknob Wreath

Tie strips of green organza ribbon onto a wire frame to whip up this wreath in an evening.

What You Need:

Attach a big gold sleigh bell to enjoy ringing melodies whenever your front door is opened.
  • 5 inch-diameter solid brass ring
  • 6 yards each of two shades of 2 inch-wide green organza ribbons
  • 2 yards of 2 inch-wide red organza ribbon
  • 2-1/2 inch brass jingle bell


1. Cut each shade of green organza ribbon into 9-inch lengths. Knot the ribbon lengths around the brass ring, alternating the shades of green. To knot the ribbon, fold a 9-inch length in half. With the ribbon under the ring and the fold outside the ring, bring the ribbon ends over the ring and through the folded end of the ribbon. Pull the ends of the ribbon so the fold is snug against the ring. Continue adding all the ribbon lengths to the ring, alternating the shades of green around the wreath.

2. Thread the red ribbon through the top of the jingle bell. With the bell at the center of the ribbon, tie the ribbon to the center bottom of the wreath. Tie the ribbon into a four-loop bow; diagonally trim the ribbon tails.


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