Transform mini honeycomb balls into miniature Christmas trees for a DIY Christmas garland. We're obsessed with this modern twist on these classic Christmas party decorations!

October 03, 2018
blue paper tree garland hanging next to window

Use year-round party supplies for gorgeous handmade Christmas decor. While everyone else is waiting in lengthy lines at the local crafts store, you'll breeze in and out of the party supply store with honeycomb balls in hand, ready to get your Christmas crafting on. This gorgeous DIY Christmas garland is perfect for trimming the tree or displaying over a window, and it's so simple! All you have to do is cut the honeycomb shapes before you unfold them. Cut them just right, and they'll transform into brightly colored Christmas trees. Accent your trees with poms and string them into a garland—it's that easy!

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy
  • Involves Cutting, Threading

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Trace and Cut

Trace the downloadable tree template on all of the unopened honeycomb balls. With the honeycomb balls still unopened, use a sturdy pair of scissors to cut out the tree shape. After the balls are cut into trees, open the honeycomb balls. If your honeycomb is self-adhesive, do not "stick" them closed yet. 

Get the free template!
Step 2

Attach Poms

Cut a piece of string into 12 lengths of 5 inches each, then thread an embroidery needle with one of the pieces. You'll create a loop that comes out of a pom by threading the string through one side of the pom and looping it back through. Even with the loop on top of the pom, there should be tails hanging from the bottom. Secure those tails inside one of the honeycomb trees (where the ball closes) using hot glue. Repeat for each tree. Use different color poms for a fun and eclectic garland, or stick with a color scheme for a more cohesive look.

Step 3

String Garland

String each tree onto the garland through the loop in the pom, one at a time. After each tree is placed on the garland, knot the garland string onto the pom loop to keep the entire tree in place. Repeat with each paper tree, making sure trees are equally spaced along the garland string. Hang your garland in the classic horizontal style, or hang it vertically like we did.


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