How to Make Leather Star Garlands

Forget the cranberries and popcorn, these holiday garlands take decorating to the next level! These gold stars shine whether they're on a tree or wrapped around a gift. Use our free printable template to make your own garlands today.

Big or small, you can't go wrong with these pretty garlands! Use real or faux leather to create some stars that will never lose their twinkle. String them on the tree or use them to wrap pretty Christmas gifts

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What You'll Need

Step 1: Print and Cut

Print our free template on standard paper. Cut out the stars along their exterior borders. You'll just need to cut one of each size star to create your garland. 

Step 2: Trace

Once the stars are cut, trace them with a pen on the wrong side of the leather. The stars on the large garland should be two-sided, so you'll need to trace two stars for every one that you'll want on the garland. The small stars will be one-sided.

Step 3: Cut and Glue

Use your scissors to cut out all of the stars. To make a large star garland, place a star wrong side up. Spread fabric glue across the back of the star. Lay down a length of baker's twine over the glue. Try to keep the twine near the two side points of each star. 

Step 4: Add Stars

Place another star over the back of the glued star, sandwiching the baker's twine in between the two. Continue placing stars along the twine in this manner until your garland is the desired length.

Step 5: Hang

Hang the large stars on your tree, or use the small stars to wrap gifts. This DIY garland is a lovely keepsake. Wrap it around gifts and include a gift tag. 

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Make It Mini!

To make a small star garland, line up all of your small stars, wrong side up. Place a large dot of fabric glue in the center of the back of each star. Sink the baker's twine into the glue dots and add as many stars as you like to your garland. Allow to dry completely.


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