46 Festive DIY Christmas Garland Ideas For Every Room of Your Home

garland-covered mantel with knit Christmas stockings and trees
Photo: Jay Wilde

Decorate your home for the holidays with these festive Christmas garland and swag ideas. We have classic garlands for banisters, mantels, windows, and doorways. Plus, we give you a little modern twist—adding them to dining chairs and chandeliers to transform your everyday spaces into a winter wonderland.

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Silver Evergreen Garland

holiday garland white stairway wrap
Adam Albright

Loop and drape prelit Christmas garland ($60, Overstock) around the banister and let it puddle on the ground for dramatic effect. To add more punch to a basic style, add sprigs of silvery juniper berries, silver ornament, and a rope of pretty felted balls.

Editor's Tip: Always buy more garland than you think you will need. You'll want to allow excess for draping. We've found that one-and-a-half times the length of your space is enough.

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Lush Door Garland

Christmas decorated porch with star decor, garland and lanterns
Jay Wilde

Create a farmhouse Christmas porch with a faux magnolia wreath, star decorations, and a classic garland. When assembling your holiday greenery, boost depth and contrast by mixing a wide range of green hues and a variety of textures. To add visual weight and texture to a simple faux evergreen garland, embellish it with large pinecones. Simply attach them on to the garland using florists wire.

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Embellished Garland

stairway with Christmas garland
Adam Albright

Elevate an artificial garland by embellishing it with fresh greenery and items from nature. Sprigs of silver dollar eucalyptus lend texture and fragrance to this store-bought swag while pinecones and red berries help blur the line between faux and real even further. Clusters of crepe paper ball ornaments make a strong finishing statement. Secure them to the evergreen garland using hot-glue.

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Big Bow Christmas Garland

Big Bow Christmas Garland
Michael Partenio

Graceful Christmas bows with long tails dramatically enhance a simple evergreen garland ($5, Target). Cut extra-long strips of wide ribbon or fabric, tie into bows, and attach to the stair railing about 3 feet apart. For a pop of Christmas festivity, try red ribbon.

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Continuous Garland

farm dining table near Christmas tree in crate and garland above window
Jay Wilde

Why limit your greenery garland to just one window? Keep the Christmas garland train moving across an expanse of wall with one continuous length of garland. On a wall with multiple windows, hang garland at the corners of both windows (letting the garland trail toward the floor) and swag it in the middle.

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Flocked Garland

Flocked Garland Fireplace
Kim Cornelison

Go lush with a layer of flocked garland along your fireplace mantel. Intertwine this Christmas garland with eucalyptus, dusty miller, or bay leaf garland. The icy greens look positively stunning against the silver-brushed Christmas evergreen. Use flocking spray to bring the beauty of freshly fallen snow indoors without any of the winter wonderland mess.

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Geometric Wood Bead Garland

Geometric Wood Bead Garland
Marty Baldwin

This Christmas tree garland features wooden beads and geometric brass pieces to create a bright garland for every home. Weave this DIY holiday garland through Christmas tree branches or drape it over the fireplace for a stunning holiday mantel for a playful touch of holiday cheer. Customizing this idea by varying the pattern of beads and brass triangles makes it almost as fun to create as it is to hang.

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Crepe and Copper Garland

Crepe Copper Garland
Marty Baldwin

Create a modern copper-accent Christmas tree garland with timeless white crepe paper. This subtle decoration comes together with white leaf crepe paper and light metallic touches in our easy Christmas mantel garland tutorial. Just wind copper wire together to create orbs for a pop of texture. Make the garland match your decor with a custom color scheme and a variety of metallic wire.

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Corner Swag

front porch dog christmas decor
Adam Albright

Make a corner swag by wiring pine boughs, magnolia leaves, and grapevine to 1- x 2-inch boards attached to each other at a right angle. Hang using an exterior removable hook.

Editor's Tip: Faux fir greenery is ideal for a doorway application because needles won't fall off as the door opens and closes.

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Christmas Centerpiece Greenery Garland

Christmas Centerpiece Greenery Garland
Adam Albright

Turn simple greenery into a gorgeous winter tabletop garland with our easy step-by-step instructions. Your guests won't believe you made this luxurious centerpiece yourself. Drape this Christmas garland down the center of the table to create a stunning tablescape, or add it to a mantel to add a rustic charm to your living space. For an added pop of color, tuck in a few fresh floral blooms to tie the centerpiece to the rest of your decor.

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Kitchen Nook Garland

Kitchen Nook Garland family
Annie Schlechter

Turn a cozy nook in your home into a festively decorated and cozy hangout spot. Use the built-in ledge provided by windows, walls, or trim to easily hang green Christmas garland and ornaments. Tie the festive window display together with a traditional holiday wreath and classic red bow.

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Metallic Christmas Garland

Metallic Christmas Garland
William Geddes

Add a little sparkle to a basic magnolia garland. Metallic silver and gold spray paint transforms a once-green magnolia swag into a sparkling holiday showpiece. Small votives and vases pick up the pretty metallic tones, which in turn accent this mosaic fireplace front. You know what they say: everyone needs silver and gold.

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Pillar Garland

Christmas Pillar Garland
Frances Janisch

If you're lucky enough to have pillars (or painted branches like these) in your home's interior, accent them during the season by wrapping them in berry-filled Christmas garlands. An elegant evergreen garland with berry and pinecone accents ($30, Wayfair) adds a rustic theme to this vignette.

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Petite Christmas Garland

Pom-Pom Christmas Garland
Scott Little

Who says Christmas garlands need to be lush affairs? Maintain a minimal look with a short swag of draping Christmas greenery and a few lengths of pom-pom garland in a simple neutral draped across a mirror or window.

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Yarn Tassel Garland

Yarn Tassel Garland
Werner Straube

Craft a simple Christmas garland with a mix of yarns. Make handmade tassels from chunky twisted yarns or paper in colors that match your color scheme, and attach them to a length of yarn. Drape your DIY Christmas garland along a wall, banister, or even your tree.

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Ribbon and Evergreen Garland

Ribbon Evergreen Garland
Kim Cornelison

Weave wide ribbon into an evergreen garland for a pretty jolt of color. Mix in different ribbons, using one color for a length and then switching to another color to accent. For a classic Christmas garland, try using red with silver to accent. Add reindeer bells ($53, Vermont Country Store) so Santa can hear everyone run down the stairs on Christmas morning.

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Perfectly Outlined Garland

boxwood Christmas garland
Scott Little

Accent the curved shape of a mirror with garland. Try boxwood garland as an alternative to evergreen varieties. If you decorate your home with red, look for a garland with berries to pick up the red accents elsewhere in your decor.

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Stairway Stocking Garland

green metallic garland stockings
David Tsay

No chimney for hanging stockings with care? No problem! Hang stockings along the banister, and complete the holiday display with a mixture of live green garland and metallic accents. There's nothing more exciting than seeing an overflowing stocking as you come down the stairs.

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Christmas Card Garland Idea

Christmas greeting cards garland
David Land

Turn your Christmas greeting cards into a cheery garland for your mantel. Swag yarn or ribbon between the corners of your fireplace and attach cards with decorative clothespins (available at craft and paper stores). For an extra special touch, cut out ornament shapes and have your kids decorate them and add them into the mix.

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Fresh Flower Garland

lily christmas garland
Jacob Fox

Bold blooms pop in this fragrant garland centerpiece. Perfect for Christmas, this living flower garland is the perfect way to add color to your holiday table.

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Doubled-Up Christmas Garlands

garland-covered mantel with knit Christmas stockings and trees
Jay Wilde

Dress up a plain evergreen garland with cozy knit accessories like knit stockings and a yarn garland. Make your own by braiding thick strands of bulky yarn. Finish the look with simple metallic ball ornaments and dried orange slices.

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Felt Flower Garland

Felt Flower Garland
Carson Downing

Handmade felt flowers star in this rustic farmhouse garland. To create, simple glue finished flowers to jute or twine. Add faux leaves to finish the look.

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Silvery Star Christmas Garland

fabric star christmas garland
Alexandra Grablewski

Add some star power to your Christmas decor. Cut star shapes from sweater fabric using our free pattern. Iron-on heavy fusible interfacing to the backs of stars and trim. Hot-glue a large silver sequin to the center of each star. Glue backs of stars to yarn and hang.

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Christmas Advent Calendar Garland

Christmas Advent Calendar Garland
Kritsada Panichgul

Deck out your holiday mantel with a swag of sweet surprises. Fill 24 small envelopes with tiny toys or pieces of candy and seal with numbered stickers. Hang the envelopes across the mantel with miniature clothespins. Kids will love waking up to a new treat during the countdown to Christmas!

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Winter Blooms and Magnolia Christmas Garland

Winter Blooms Magnolia Christmas Garland
David Tsay

A magnolia leaf Christmas garland provides a large, lush base for mantel decor. Metallic accents, paperwhite blooms, and beautiful candlelight combine to create a Christmas look that is both simple and commanding.

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Sparkling Christmas Garland

wreath greenery and white lights above farmhouse poster bed
Jay Wilde

Instead of letting your tree be the only light display, illuminate your mantel with a simple lighted Christmas garland. You can DIY this gorgeous display and wrap lights around a classic evergreen garland, or you can skip a step and just buy pre-lit Christmas garland (and we're all for simplifying the holiday season). Choose LED lights to avoid heating up your garland.

Editor's Tip: Garlands aren't just for your holiday mantel! Try displaying your Christmas garland in an unexpected location like your headboard.

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DIY Holly Christmas Garland

DIY Holly Christmas Garland
Jason Donnelly

Adorn chair backs with cute and creative holly Christmas garland. Cut out holly leaves from shades of green felt. Punch two holes in leaf tops. String with matching paper straws (cut to six inches) to make a chair back swag. For berries, hot-glue wool felt balls to leaves. Pin or tie garlands to back of chairs.

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Christmas Ornament Garland

red ornament Christmas garland
Ann Wilde

Add a jewel box appearance with a shiny ornament Christmas garland on your fireplace. Red ornaments pop against a classic white fireplace, picking up on red accents elsewhere in the display, like on the lit-up tree.

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Dried Orange Slice Garland

farmhouse entryway with garland and patterned rug
Jay Wilde

Create your own dried orange slice garland to dress up a simple swag of evergreen. To make, use a heavy duty sewing needle to thread dried orange slices and wood beads on jute twine. Once done, drape the Christmas craft over a fresh evergreen garland.

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Colorful Doves Christmas Garland

christmas doves ribbon garland
Werner Straube

White faux doves are a beautiful way to spread a peaceful message during the holidays. Create a colorful backdrop for the white doves and use green garland with a jewel-tone ornament scheme and beautiful ribbon bows.

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Vintage Christmas Fabric Swag

Vintage Christmas Fabric garland
Adam Albright

Utilizing greenery at Christmas-time will always be classic, but trying out other materials can be refreshing, too. Here, French-inspired fabric drapes beautifully over a basket bursting with fresh green cuttings that could be scooped right from the tree alongside some berries.

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Simple, Colorful Christmas Garland

String felt balls garland
Kate Mathis

Add a splash of color that won't overpower mantel decor. String felt balls in colors of your choice and swag across a holiday mantel or shelf for a subtle touch of fun. These easy decorations are also simple for the office Christmas party.

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Lighted Christmas Garland Accent

Lighted Christmas Garland
Jay Wilde

Set up eye-catching decor in your entryway or living room by draping a mirror with a battery-powered lighted Christmas garland. The twinkling lights will reflect off the mirror and other metallic accents to create a luminous effect.

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Natural Layers Christmas Garland

natural greenery garland
Brie Williams

Layer wild, unmanicured greenery with garlands made of natural fibers. This unexpected combination of textures mixes to create an interesting mantel display. Lay branches cut to various lengths along your mantel, then string cream felt balls to create the first garland. For the second garland, use thick cream yarn and make a braid long enough to span your mantel. Make pom-poms to hang, equally spaced, from the braid.

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Layered Christmas Garland

Layered Christmas Garland
Werner Straube

A Christmas garland for the stairs that's layered offers incredible allure for your holiday decorating. Here, magnolia serves as the base, cedar, and lavender thistle are woven in for depth and texture, and lights add sparkle.

Editor's Tip: Take a walk around your yard or a nearby park and gather the last remnants of the growing season—interesting leaves and dried flowers, for example—to embellish your Christmas garland.

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Pinecones-and-Greens Garland

Pinecones evergreens garland
Jay Wilde

Garlands can be assembled in a variety of ways. They may be single long pieces of Christmas evergreens, or they may be small pieces of various types that are wired or glued together. This daintier version is the latter; tiny groupings of pinecones—glued on—add complementary color and texture.

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Tried-and-True Evergreen Garland

Evergreens christmas garland
Dana Gallagher

Evergreens generally complement any style of holiday decorating, and a Christmas garland is a great chance to accent your decor. Here, multiple needle types are intertwined along a long, curving banister. Ribbon-hung pinecones, dusted with a bit of white paint, offer a pretty end point.

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Christmas Garland for a Backdrop

glass jars greenery garland
Ray Kachatorian

Garlands can be used as a unifying element for multiple colors in a Christmas color scheme. Here, unadorned greens weave around the glass jars on the family mantel, which can display colorful holiday candy or leftover ornaments.

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Multiple Sizes and Styles of Garland

christmas decor garlands room
Ray Kachatorian

Garlands used to be pretty basic holiday decor—evergreens draped on mantels and stairwells. Now you can go bigger, like this room: Pretty evergreens add texture on top of the mantel, but a ribbon garland draped through miniature wreaths accents the large corner bank of windows for a festive pop of color.

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Ever-Changing Photo Garland

Ever-Changing Photo Garland
Kip Dawkins

Here's a great idea to capture and display yearly holiday memories: a photo garland. Take snapshots during the season and print out your faves. Mount them using photo corners onto pieces of cardstock; add scrapbooking label holders as IDs. Hang the photos from plain or colored twine using clothespins; use the garland to adorn a doorway, window, or mantel. The following year, tuck those photos into an album and display new pictures.

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Silver Accents for a Garland

Antique ornament greenery garland
Werner Straube

A Christmas garland doesn't have to drape in order to be a garland. Here, a variety of greens come together in mounds and clumps, supplying movement to the mantel. Antique and vintage mercury-glass balls and new mercury-glass Christmas trees add sparkling contrast.

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Christmas Pinecone Garland

Pinecone Ornament Garland
Cameron Sadeghpour

Customize a ready-made pinecone garland with ornaments that coordinate with the color of your front door to welcome your guests in traditional style. Position the Christmas garland outside the door frame, and secure it at the top and along the sides with easy-to-remove self-adhesive hooks or brick clips.

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Oversize Bow Garland

christmas garland and bows on banister
Brie Williams

Dress up a simple prelit Christmas garland with oversize red velvet ribbon bows. Look for ribbon that has a wire-edge to create clean, smooth bows. Tie a classic bow and use florists wire to attach it to the draped holiday garland.

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Felt Flower Christmas Garland

Felt Flower Garland
Kate Mathis

A parade of felt flowers is a sweet alternative to the usual ribbon and pinecones adorning evergreen boughs. To make the flowers, cut six 2-inch and six 1-1/2-inch felt circles. Layer a small and large circle, aligning the bottoms. Pinch the set of circles together at the bottom, run a threaded needle through the four layers, and knot the ends. Repeat for the remaining five petals. Stitch the six petals together at the pinched ends to form a flower. Using a needle and thread, string the finished flowers together on the back side through the pinched centers to form a garland.

Editor's Tip: If you don't have enough felt flowers to line your banister, use them to decorate small spaces, such as bookshelves, windows, and mirrors.

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Modern Snowflake Christmas Garland

Handcrafted Snowflake Garland
Michael Partenio

Garlands go beyond classic Christmas greenery. Add modern flair to your stair railing with a snowflake garland handcrafted from wooden crafts sticks. Use two or three pieces of double-stick mounting tape per snowflake to hold the lacy patterns flat against the railings and create a homemade winter wonderland.

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Christmas Evergreen Doorway Garland

Christmas Evergreen Doorway Garland
Helen Norman

You'll forget you're entering the kitchen when you walk through this Christmas garland idea. The garland around the doorway is as decorative as it is useful—just try using it to holds Christmas cards with simple clips.

Editor's Tip: Secure the Christmas cards to the garland by tucking them neatly into the boughs or hanging them on the branches with small pieces of twine.

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