Citrus and Lemon Leaf Garland

Not just for wreaths, these beautiful green leaves and aromatic citrus fruits create a tantalizing combination.

Glossy lemon or salal leaves offer an elegant alternative to evergreens, and they are especially appropriate for garlands featuring citrus fruits. Sprays of cinnamon sticks add visual interest and a festive aroma. Consider this a party or special-occasion garland, as fruits will last one to two weeks (or longer in a cool environment).

What You Need:

  • 1/2-inch-diameter sisal rope
  • Lemon or salal leaves (available from florists)
  • Small oranges, lemons, and limes
  • Kumquats
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • 24- and 30-gauge florist's wire
  • Craft scissors

General Garland Instructions:

1. Wire small clusters of material together at the stems. Place the head of the second cluster over the stems of the first cluster and wire all the stems together.

2. Repeat, adding more clusters until the garland is complete. The head of each cluster should cover the stems of the previous cluster.


Step 1

1. Cut a length of rope the desired length of garland. Clip small branches of lemon or salal leaves (about 6 inches or 5-7 leaves to a branch). Attach a length of lightweight wire to the rope to begin. Select a branch of leaves and wire it to the end of the rope. Place a second branch over the first branch and wire it in place. Continue covering the rope with leaves as described in the general instructions.

Step 2

2. Cut a length of heavier wire for each piece of fruit. Run the wire through the center of the fruit, twisting it to secure. Cut a piece of lightweight wire double the length of each cinnamon stick plus eight inches. Run wire up through one hollow of the stick and back down through another hollow of the stick. Gather three cinnamon sticks and twist the wires together to make a cluster.

3. Secure garland to desired area. Add the fruit and cinnamon sticks.


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