3 Cute DIY Christmas Garlands

Deck the tree -- or the mantel, doorway, or stairs -- with a homemade Christmas garland that calls for some crafting but not a lot of cash.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Garland

  1. Lay out six regular cupcake liners and two metallic liners in an upside-down triangle shape. Fold each liner in half. 
  2. Overlap the edges of the top row of liners and staple them together. 
  3. Fold a small liner over the center one in the top row and secure it with glue. Staple the second row of liners to the top row. 
  4. Before you staple the next liner to the top row, fold a smaller one over the top and staple them together. Staple the liner in place. 
  5. Secure the flaps down. Repeat the steps to make several more triangles. 
  6. Lay out the triangles side by side, overlapping the edges. Staple them together. 

Paper Christmas Garland

Paper Garland
  1. Trace this leaf template onto both vellum and cardstock; cut out. Score each leaf using a bone folder. 
  2. Fold the leaf along the score line. Repeat the process to make more leaves. 
  3. Using a hot-glue gun, attach the stems of the leaves to a piece of string, alternating vellum and cardstock leaves. 
  4. Using a paper punch, punch several circles from red cardstock. 
  5. Cut three pieces of white floral wire, fold each in half and twist. Sandwich a piece of wire between two red circles and hot glue together. Twist three of the wire strands together to make a cluster. Repeat to make several more clusters. 
  6. Using a hot glue gun, attach the berries to every third or fourth leaf on the garland.

Straw Christmas Garland

white Christmas tree
  1. Cut striped paper straws into thirds and string the pieces, along with wooden beads, onto colored twine.
  2. End your string with a bead, and knot the twine several times to keep the pieces in place.

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