christmas garland on the mantel

Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands add holiday flair to stairways, doorways, mantels, and more, plus they bring the fresh scent of pine and evergreen into your home for the holiday season. Check out our Christmas garland decorating ideas, which will give you fun and unique ways to adorn a leafy garland -- from felt flowers and Christmas cards to wide bows and pinecones, we have several creative ideas for garland decorations. If you want to try something that's less traditional, we show you how to fashion a Christmas garland from pom-poms, mittens, ribbons and wreaths, or tinsel. Use cranberries, jingle bells, gingerbread, and other bits and baubles to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas garland -- plus try our fun ideas for easy-to-make Christmas tree skirts. For an artistic and colorful Christmas project, we show you how to assemble a garland made from delicate glass ornaments and give you several other ideas for decorating your home with garlands. Other fun-to-make garland projects include ideas for a colorful pepperberry garland, a festive pine garland, a chenille-poinsettia garland, and a paper-dove garland.