Christmas party games aren't always about gifts. This fun ice breaker game is a gift all its own.

Beloved blogger Kate Riley knows a thing or two about making family and friends welcome during the holidays. Author of Centsational Girl, Riley dives into home decor, DIY projects, and holidays with equal parts enthusiasm, tasteful style, and budget-friendliness. To welcome guests at Christmastime, Riley shares her family's favorite Christmas party game: Guess Me Ice Breaker.

Ice Breaker Game Rules

Get the ice breaker game started right when guests arrive. The host or hostess places the preassigned label on the back of each guest's shirt, dress, or jacket. Guests then circulate, asking different people at the party ice breaker questions in order to identify who his/her person is. Once the guest gets it right, he or she places the label on the front of his/her shirt, dress, or jacket. "It's a lot of fun and gets the party guests laughing and talking to each other right away!" says Riley.

Before the Party

Before the party begins, assemble what you'll need for the Christmas game: labels (either plain to decorate, or Christmas-themed versions) and colored markers. Write the names of people from movies, history, or a themed category of your choosing on the labels. Place the labels, name side down, on a pretty Christmas tray. Think of characters the guests might have something in common with -- if the guest is a great storyteller, give him Mark Twain; if a guest is stylish, give her Anna Wintour. While we love this Christmas party game for adults, it can also be customized for children with classic characters.

How many people do you need?

This icebreaker game works best with at least six people; beyond that, there's really no limit to how many can play. To make it easier to plan, check your RSVP list before you start making labels. Make sure to have a few extra on hand to accommodate additional guests.

How does someone win?

Guests play until they figure out their labels, so there are no winners, no time limits, and no teams -- just fun, get-to-know-you interaction with friends and family members. If you like, have small gifts or prizes available for the first person that guesses his/her character.

Try these fun Christmas party game variations:

  • Although Guess Me Ice Breaker is a Christmas game for adults, you can make a special set of labels for kids with characters and people they are likely to know.
  • Use guests' names on the labels instead of famous people. This ice breaker game is an inventive way for guests who don't know each other to easily interact.

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