Mexican Christmas Dinners

Make Christmas dinner a fiesta with delicious Mexican Christmas dinner recipes! Try our recipes for tamales, churros, and more. Each recipe is perfect for creating a traditional Mexican Christmas dinner.

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    It's Time to Celebrate Christmas!

    Enjoy digging into a meal full of the foods that are traditionally eaten at Christmastime in Mexico. Your friends and family will love sampling the delicious recipes we've collected.

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    Chunky Guacamole

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Appetizer

    For a guacamole you can't get enough of, turn to our simple blend of tomatoes and avocados flavored with garlic, lime, and onion. The traditional Mexican side dish is the perfect addition to any crowd-worthy dinner.

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    Mini Tamales

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Appetizer

    Tamales just might be the most important part of creating a traditional Mexican Christmas dinner. Because tamales take a little extra kitchen energy, they're generally saved for special occasions, such as the holidays. Pick from four fillings -- cheese, pork, chicken, or shrimp -- to make our version of the cornmeal dumplings.

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    Gazpacho Verde with Papaya

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Side dish or appetizer

    Just 10 minutes of prep and some chilling time and you'll be devouring this savory and slightly sweet soup. It's a must-have starter recipe for your Mexican Christmas menu.

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    Salsa Picante

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Appetizer

    Finely chopped tomatoes, onions, and cilantro make up this classic salsa picante. Note: You'll need a blender or food processor to get everything ready.

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    Refried Beans

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Side dish

    To complete your meal, look no further. It's just not a Mexican dinner without homemade refried beans (and ours come together with just five ingredients).

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    Mexican Red Rice

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Side dish

    No Mexican menu, Christmas or not, is complete without this classic red rice side dish. The topping of fresh cilantro plays up the classic Christmas color combo of red and green to add even more festivity to your Christmas menu.

  • Black-Eyed Pea & Quinoa Salad, salad, quinoa, black eyed peas 8 of 20

    Black-Eyed Pea & Quinoa Salad

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Side dish

    Get a leg up on your Mexican Christmas menu with a make-ahead salad. Assemble everything the night before, and add the avocado just before serving to prevent browning.

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    Pork Ribs in Mole Verde

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Entree

    There's no Christmas dinner without a wow-worthy main-dish affair, and our pork ribs are no exception. Traditional mole verde covers every inch of our juicy, tender pork.

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    Slow-Cooked Beef Pozole

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Appetizer or side dish

    Pozole is a hominy soup made with meat and seasoned with chiles and garlic. The hearty meal is made in large batches, making it perfect for feeding hungry holiday crowds.

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    Pork Tenderloin with Red Mole

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Entree

    Sink your teeth into this succulent Mexican meat entree. It's all about the homemade mole. After all, a special Christmas menu calls for a special sauce.

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    Sopa de Albondigas

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Side dish or light entree

    This Mexican recipe is a rich, brothy soup filled with meatballs, vegetables, and smoky chipotle chiles. In fact, the name "Sopa de Albondigas" means "Soup of Meatballs."

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    Puebla Shrimp Rellenos Casserole

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Entree

    Represent traditional Mexican chiles rellenos in our hearty casserole. Tender shrimp and chopped poblano peppers combine with cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes to make this delicious Christmas recipe.

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    Lamb Birria with Barley and Dried Plums

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Entree

    Originally from Jalisco, Mexico, birria is a spicy stew typically served with tortillas, onions, and limes. Our take on the Mexican Christmas recipe features lamb, ancho chile pepper, and sweet dried plums.

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    Canela Bunuelos with Anise Syrup

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Dessert

    Canela, meaning "cinnamon" in Spanish, is the perfect way to describe these Mexican treats. The light and crispy fried cookies are traditionally sprinkled in sugar or doused in syrup -- ours feature both.

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    Chocolate Icebox Cookies with Dulce de Leche

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Dessert

    Stop your search for a Mexican dessert right here! Trust us, you'll do no better than this just slightly spiced chocolate cookie sandwich oozing with salty-sweet dulce de leche. It's a dream Mexican Christmas dessert.

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    Anise Churros with Chocolate Sauce

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Dessert

    Try our street-fare-inspired anise churros to finish off your Mexican Christmas dinner. Don't forget to dunk them in a creamy bowl of coffee-infused chocolate.

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    Caramelized Banana Champurrado

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Drink or dessert

    Finish off your Christmas dinner with a warm, cozy mug of rich Mexican hot chocolate, also known as champurrado. Our version adds a hint of sophistication thanks to the Mexican dark brown sugar and bananas we've added into the mix.

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    Caramel Flans

    Mexican Christmas Menu: Dessert

    Elegant, sophisticated flan is a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth dessert that originated in Mexican culture. Our sweet individual custards are topped with a tasty caramel sauce.

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