This Christmas, "mangia" the Italian way. Our Italian Christmas dinner menu is overflowing with the abundance, fresh flavors, and seasonal ingredients you expect from Italian cuisine, and it's special enough to be your holiday meal.

By Abby Wolner

Appetizer: Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuff these mushrooms a day in advance, and pop them in the oven a few minutes before your dinner. Featuring fresh herbs, garlic, and rich ricotta, they set the tone for your Italian Christmas dinner.

Get the recipe: Italian Stuffed Mushrooms

Appetizer: Butternut-Sage Crostini with Ricotta and Hazelnuts

Delight guests with tiny toasts topped with dollops of sweet potato and seasoned ricotta. They're equally yummy at room temp, so you can set them out before guests arrive.

Vegetable Side: Italian-Style Fried Farro

Nutty prosciutto and fresh basil perk up this comforting Christmas side dish. A warm grain salad is an unexpected but tasty and healthy addition to your Italian menu.

Side: Italian Spinach Soup

Add contrast to your Italian Christmas menu with a light, silky vegetable soup that's stocked with fresh vegetables. It adds warmth without adding heaviness.

Get the recipe: Italian Spinach Soup

Entrée: Mediterranean Flat Iron Steaks

Oohs and aahs will be heard all around the table when you dish up juicy slices of this elegant steak with classic Italian seasoning. Served with tangy-sweet balsamic and crispy sautéed kale, it's the entrée every Italian Christmas menu deserves.

Dessert: Italian Silk Pie

A dash of espresso powder and a splash of amaretto are all you need to turn a classic chocolate pie to the Italian side. Mascarpone cheese adds another layer of richness—and ensures that there won't be a slice left in sight.

Get the recipe: Italian Silk Pie


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