Stunning Christmas Homes We Want An Invite To

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Get cozy and prepare to be inspired by these festive and sophisticated homes.

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    Wintery White Dining Room


    Graceful white reindeer figurines introduce a sophisticated woodland tablescape. A statuesque tree sparkles with a stunning assortment of glittery white, silver, and gold ornaments and accessories. Limiting the color scheme keeps the focus on the room's elegant design.


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    Red & White Fireplace Decor

    A series of votive candle holders make a lovely countdown calendar. Light one each night as you prepare for the Christmas Day. Coordinating red and white stockings are the centerpiece of the room. Personalize the tree with die cut monograms of your family’s initials. 

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    Cottage-Style Christmas

    Casually draping long strands of garland across windows and an antique wardrobe works well with the distressed finishes in this darling cottage-style home. Loosely tied ribbons continue the informal, yet elegant look. 

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    Dramatic Foyer

    This grand foyer exudes elegance, and the ethereal white feather trees celebrate a refined approach to holiday decorating. Dark leaf garland dressed with silver ribbon and white ornaments drapes the statement-making staircase without detracting from the home’s well-appointed design. 

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    Joyful Front Porch

    Who wouldn’t rush home for the holidays if this charming front porch was waiting for them? A humble tree, simple wreaths, and a warm throw draped over a red bench welcome guests with open arms.

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    Blue Christmas Ornaments

    Have some fun this year, and take a new approach to holiday colors with icy blue and limey green ornaments. These cool colors reflect the feel of winter and create a more subdued ambience. Add a little sparkle with silver accents. 

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    Classy Christmas Decorations

    Symmetry is beauty. Boost the elegance of a formal facade with bright white holiday lights wrapped around topiaries and evergreen trees. Complete the stylish look with matching wreaths above and on each side of the main entrance. 

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    Festive Fireside

    Snuggle up by the fireplace and enjoy the refined rustic decor of this charming home. Fresh garland pairs well with the natural wood floors and stone fireplace. Oversized word art and a bow adorned with a starburst punctuates the room’s joyful look. 

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    Dress Up the Bedroom

    Simple accessories in the bedroom bring the holiday spirit to life. A petite wreath hangs from a mirrored nightstand and repeats the natural appeal of the lush swag above the headboard. Glittering garland and sprigs of fresh greenery fill a mercury-glass-style urn. 

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    Green & Gold Dining Room

    Bold is beautiful. The holiday decorations in this sophisticated dining room play off the room’s already dynamic green and gold color scheme. A centerpiece of yellow poinsettias are flanked with golden stands holding topiary balls. Gold accents on the wreath and dishware will glisten in the glow of a candlelit Christmas Eve dinner party. 

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    Cozy Cabin Christmas

    Woodland animal ornaments and pinecone stars adorn a fresh-cut Christmas tree. A burlap tree skirt and gifts wrapped in plaid and kraft paper complete the back-to-nature feel of this cozy living room

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    Guest Room Holiday Makeover

    Updating your guest room for the holiday company has never been easier. Add a few holiday-themed throw pillows in front of your regular shams. Dress up plates hung on the wall with snowflake decals. Decals are easy to apply, adhere well, and can be quickly removed with the heat from a hairdryer after Christmas. 

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    Icy Luminaries

    Ice globes make stunning luminaries that you won’t find anywhere else on your block. Lit topiaries continue the festive collection of holiday orbs. This look is perfect for a holiday party, as the ice globes may melt away by the end of the night. 

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    Pop of Turquoise

    Accent a traditional Christmas color scheme with a small dose of turquoise. Limiting the blue shade to a few accessories allows it to stand out and make a stylish impact on a darling red and white living room

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    Sophisticated Golden Accents

    White and golden accessories give this dining room a serene and stylish holiday look. A layered approach to the table settings enriches the simple color scheme. Glittery accents fill the room with a merry ambience. 

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    Simple Bedroom Updates

    String a series of miniature wreathes above the headboard and fill decorative bowls on the nightstands  with red glittery ornaments, and your bedroom holiday décor is complete in minutes. Crafty decorators could create a monogram wall art letter fashioned from greenery and small silver glass ornaments

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    Nature-Inspired Staircase

    If you’ve always wanted to decorate with oversized pinecones, here’s your chance!  Pair large pinecones with pheasant quills to enhance a strand of evergreen garland in an eclectic home. A fresh cutting in an oversized glass urn and small red florals on the table create a merry display. 

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    Blue & White Dining Room

    Gorgeous style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The tree in this delightful dining room was decorated with holiday scrapbook paper cut into oversized ornament shapes, pipe cleaner garland, and a few simple ornaments. Glass ornaments displayed on the hutch carry the coordinated colors from the tree throughout the room. 

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    Gray Living Room

    Embrace a monochromatic color scheme for a high-end holiday design that works well within a home’s neutral decor. Grays and silvers are strong base colors and can support bright accent colors, if you want to add an element of surprise to the room. 

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    Purple Dining Room

    This room is fit for a queen. Lavender walls and a crystal chandelier set an elegant tone. White and silver holiday decorations complement the regal feel of this dining room. Green sprigs and white flowers freshen the space.

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    Quietly Elegant Fireplace

    The nature look goes glam with glittery wood ornaments. White and silver glass ornaments enhance the stylish flavor of this room’s neutral decor. Containing the gift wrap to white and tan furthers the relaxed elegance. 

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    O Christmas Tree

    Take advantage of a tree-lined lawn by wrapping twinkling lights around the trees. Recreate the arboreal design with potted trees set in the yard. For a fun twist, use solid colored lights to create a jolly pattern. 

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    White Christmas Trees

    Amp up the wow factor of pre-lit artificial white Christmas trees by setting the bases in galvanized steel buckets and covering the bases with burlap. Capture the charm of Country French style by tucking vintage cards and images into the tree. Ornaments with French holiday greetings perfect the look. 

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