Special Touches for Holiday Guests

Let guests know how happy you are to have them with a few simple yet thoughtful touches. Whether it's purchasing their favorite coffee for the morning or filling their bedside table with a few of their favorite reads, these gestures are sure to win you a 4-star review.

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    Warm Welcome

    A welcoming entry shows you're excited for their arrival. Take the time to spruce up the porch and layer it with a few seasonal touches to convey your warm greetings.

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    Stock a Drawer

    Keep a drawer filled with essentials -- lotions, lip balm, bandages, and more -- to save guests from making an extra trip to the store. Stroll through your drugstore's travel aisle before they arrive for mini versions of essential toiletries.

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    Offer Some Reminders

    Our free design is perfect for the guest door: Just fill in your wifi password, house rules, and other helpful hints for a happy holiday stay, then hang it from your guest bedroom's doorknob.

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    Welcome Guests with a Sweet Message

    Welcome guests with personalized notes as a thoughtful way to say hello. Be sure to nestle them around the space, preferably in places where you've set things out.

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    Add Fresh Flowers

    Freshen up the guest room or bathroom with sweet-smelling flowers. Not only do they give the space a clean fragrance, but they also add a happy pop of color.

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    Use a Towel Rack

    Place a towel rack over the bathroom door to hang wet towels. Be sure to leave enough towels and washcloths for each guest for the length of their stay.

    Editor's Tip: Choose different-color towels to help to prevent mix-ups.

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    Offer Extra Covers

    No matter what season, extra clean bedding is always appreciated. Stock any additional blankets, quilts, and pillow covers in a box that's easily tucked away.

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    How to Dress a Bed

    Add personality and pop to your guest room with a few simple tips for bedding.

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    Plan a Menu

    Creating a menu is a thoughtful way to cater to guests. Impress them by whipping up a handful of your favorite dishes. Just be sure to get the details on any allergies or dietary restrictions prior to their arrival.

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    Make a Snack Pack

    Fill a small basket with snacks in case your guests get the craving to munch.

    Great snacks for guests: granola bars. dried fruit, trail mix, small chocolates

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    Provide Extra Hangers

    Make space in the closet to keep guests from having to rearrange. Provide extra hangers for guests in case they packed dresses, coats, and other items they'd like to hang.

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    Get Cozy Slippers

    Pamper your winter-ridden guests with a pair of warm, cozy slippers. Look for washable, one-size-fits-all slippers for cheap at your local retail store then stock up on a few pairs.

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    Set Out Books

    Have a stack of assorted books and magazines on hand for your guests to read in case they're looking for a quiet escape.

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    Offer Coffee and Tea

    Find out what your guests' favorite coffee and tea flavors are so you can have them brewing first thing in the morning.

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    Make Baked Goods

    Spoil your guests with delicious baked goods. A simple batch of cookies or brownies are a sweet way to show you care.

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    Give Guests Movie Options

    Nothing wrong about an impromptu movie night! Have a collection of DVDs (and popcorn) on hand in case your guests opt going out for a comfy night in.

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    Keep Kids Entertained

    Have kids coming to stay? Not to worry. Keep them entertained with fun board games, puzzles, coloring books, and more.

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    Offer the Internet Password

    If you're comfortable with it, leave a note for your guests with the Internet password in case they need to work or access anything online during their stay.

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