The affordable strands were popular last year, and they’re back just in time for the holidays.

By Jennifer Aldrich
November 13, 2020
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There's no reason to buy all new Christmas decor; you probably have plenty of beautiful items from years past. But we're always on the lookout for inexpensive items we can add to our holiday favorites.

We found a festive, inexpensive decoration you'll want to add to your cart quickly—a strand (or two) of mini snow globe lights. You may remember the decoration from last year when some lucky people were able to snag them from Bullseye’s Playground, Target’s area of super affordable finds, before they quickly sold out. Well, the good news is they're back (but only until supplies last) at retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Each one is just under 3-feet long, has six bulbs per strand, and is intended for indoor use only. Each strand requires two AA batteries ($16/20-pack, Target) and has a timer function that runs for six hours on and 18 hours off. Walmart, which has already released its Black Friday Deals, is selling the lights for $13 per strand with free delivery. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

These lights look beautiful on a mantel, on your Christmas tree, or arranged on a side table. Because they’re battery-operated, you don’t need to worry about an outlet. (But make sure you keep them away from your pets.) 

They’d be a glowing addition to your holiday theme, whether it’s farmhouse-inspired, Classic Christmas, or maybe even to balance out your pink decor. They’d also make for a festive gift for someone you might not get to see this season.


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