Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Ornaments in glass lamp
There's no need to downsize your holiday expectations with a small space to decorate. Our Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces bring the merriment of the holiday season into even the tiniest corners, thanks to simple accents like miniature Christmas trees, homemade garlands, and pretty place settings.

Create a Beautiful Miniature Tree

Could anything be cuter than this tiny tree? It's the perfect Christmas tree for small spaces. Buy a tree top and adorn it with your favorite ornaments, garlands, and a little star on top. Add to the fun by arranging wrapped gifts around its base.

Editor's Tip: Don't want to show off real gifts just yet? Get the same look by wrapping empty shoeboxes.

Transform Table Space

Let side tables do their part and do some small space decorating by topping them with a forest of merry paper trees. Each one features colorful patterned paper and a festive star on top. Best of all, they hide small bags of candy for your holiday guests.

Maximize Your Railings

Your railings can add to your holiday decor, too. Take a run-of-the-mill garland to new heights with a string of beautiful felted flowers, then hang the garland from your banister. Use a 2-inch scallop-edge paper punch to make the flowers, layering different colors for depth. Then, use a needle and clear plastic thread to string them together. Use twist ties to attach them to your garland. Do the same on balcony railings to add Christmas decorations to any available space. 

Create a Hanging Window Display

This holiday decorating idea couldn't be simpler. Look out on something pretty—a basic painted frame strung with ribbon and hung with ornaments jazzes up a window and requires zero rearranging.

Showcase your mantel with these gorgeous holiday decorating ideas for your fireplace. From garlands to candles, we help you set the Christmas mood.

Mantel Makeover: Decorating Ideas for Your Fireplace

Deck the halls! It's simple to make the most of your mantel with these quick and easy decorating tips. Decorating the mantle is an easy way to display small Christmas decoratings without taking up floor space.

Adorn Coat Hooks

You already have coat hooks, so why not dress them up? Hanging winter-theme items, like a warm wool scarf, sleigh bells, and a greenery wreath, from each hook takes them from functional to festive.

Make the Most of Furniture

No wall space for a wreath? No problem. Hang an ornament-filled beauty from a display case, a side table, your mantel, or even interior windows for a quick pop of Christmas. This is a great option for apartment Christmas decorating.

Hang Ornaments from Bookshelves

Dress your furniture for the holidays with glittering glass balls. Choose ribbon that matches the room's color scheme (we chose light green), then use removable adhesive hooks to hang the ornaments from your bookshelf, cupboard, or mantel.

Editor's Tip: Adhere the hooks to the top of the furniture so they're hidden from view.

Dress Up a Book

A coffee table book becomes a work of art with an easy felt cover. Open the book, then cut felt longer than the book's length. Wrap the ends around front and back covers; bond the edges and glue. Trace and cut out holiday-theme silhouettes like our reindeer. Glue felt cutouts onto the felt cover for an easy and fun decoration.

Make Room for Holiday Decorations

Save space by swapping out year-round photos, figurines, and knickknacks for your favorite holiday decorations. This bookshelf got a merry makeover from jolly snowmen, wrapped boxes, and a natural garland. A tall shelf is a great place to display a nativity set without taking up used surfaces.

Create a Tiny Village Display

Tiny wrapped boxes provide a base to a few glittering paper houses that take up very little space. To make "trees," wrap squares of scrapbook paper into cones and glue the edges; cut off the bottoms to make them level. For extra sparkle, place the grouping on a silver tray.

Use Space by the Stairs

A small table by the stairs is a prominent small-space spot to start your Christmas merriment. Try this creative Christmas tree idea for a small space transformation. Add a little, lightly decorated tree and a modest display to the tabletop. To give the evergreen a bit of height, place in a tall silver vase.

Make Dishes Do Double Duty

Test out this easy Christmas decorating idea for small spaces. Let your favorite holiday dishes do the decorating for you: Display them in a glass cabinet for a merry and oh-so-easy accent. If you don't have holiday dishes, try pairing plain white china with red mugs or dessert plates. Tired of red and white decor? Try your own color scheme.

Decorate Dining Room Chairs

Let your dining room chairs join in the holiday fun. Tie painted pinecones to wide ribbons and drape them over the back of your chairs. Match the ribbon color to your home decor for a look that's all your own.

Dress Up Your Place Settings

The best way to decorate small spaces is to integrate decorations into objects you are using. Mix and match holiday-color dishes, napkins, and tablecloths for a simply stunning addition to your decor. Try setting the table a few hours before a party so guests can enjoy the sophisticated look.

Spruce Up Doorways

We love this decorating idea for small spaces. Doorways do double duty when you drape natural or artificial swag over the frames. Hang ornaments and Christmas cards from the boughs to save space while adding a cozy, cottage-style look.

Make a DIY Tabletop Tree

Bring a natural touch to your holiday decor by making a unique tabletop Christmas tree idea for a small space. Hunt for some branches outside, then use gardening pebbles to stand them in a flowerpot. Drape your "tree" with translucent ribbons and hang ornaments from the branches. Best of all, you can make your tree as big (or small) as you want to fit your space.

Wrap and Display Presents Early

Turn a holiday chore into a festive decoration by displaying your Christmas gifts early. Wrapped gifts make a big impact in little space. try adding decorative bows and using different wrapping papers to create variety.

Enliven an Entry

Bring the spirit of Christmas to your tight entryway with some seasonal accents. Line the mirror with a simple garland and add red pillows—they don't even need to say "Christmas" to usher in the holiday hoopla.

Add a Throw Pillow

Merry up your living room couch with the addition of this little fellow. Our free download makes him not only space-conscious but considerate of your budget, too! This small pillow can be easily stored in a closet or cabinet after the holiday season is over.

Fill a Corner

Nooks, crannies, shelves, bookcases: All are great spots for diminutive seasonal decor. If there's no space for a full tree, put a single dwarf version—with a few presents—on a midheight shelf. In place of lights, decorate with small-scale ornaments.

Make Over a Mirror

Many small spaces use mirrors to make a room appear bigger. During the holidays, repurpose any mirror as space for decoration. Hang a wreath or series of ornaments along the top of the mirror to reflect holiday spirit into the room.

Hang Festive Plates

Dish up cheer with this simple holiday plate display. Cut letters from red paper or purchase stick-on vinyl letters to adhere to white plates. Removable mounting strips or plate hangers make this stunning seasonal sentiment easy to dismantle.

Decorate on a Dime: Budget-Friendly Holiday Ideas

Creating cozy, festive holiday accents doesn't have to come at a cost. Make any space merry with these simple and affordable decorating ideas, like present wall art and votives with knit sweater sleeves.

Use Window Space

Simplicity is key for small-space decorating. White pillar candles, placed on a silver tray, add elegance to a windowsill. Two faux dwarf evergreens, wrapped in burlap, add a bit of color to the wintry scene.

Make an Impactful Wall Display

Old photos are great conversation starters, particularly during the holidays, and this display takes up minimal wall space. Start with baby photographs, then cut them in a circle, mount on foam core, and arrange in a tree shape. Little space, big impact.

Editor's Tip: For a great together-time activity, have family members guess who is who in each photo.

Utilize Vertical Space

If space is limited, you might not be able to hang every ornament you own on a tree, but there's no reason to keep the leftovers boxed up. Look for unexpected places—from a chandelier, at a window, over a doorway—to dangle a few for sparkle and cheer.

Use Wall Space

That lovely solid-color wall in your living room makes the perfect canvas for a holiday display. Here, miniature grapevine wreaths add texture to a green wall. We chose a variety of accents—faux birds, small ornaments, sprigs of berries—and glued them onto the wreaths before hanging the displays from lengths of ribbon.

Hang Ornaments on Walls

Make clever use of wall space to ensure your small-space holiday schemes leave an impression. To boost the seasonal spirits of small stretches of wall space, try this simple trick: Use a length of ribbon and hang ornaments to spell a message (tie the ribbon around each to keep in place). Secure with thumbtacks and disguise the ends with evergreen.

Make a Wall Advent Calendar

Walls can be a great asset when it comes to small-space holiday decorating. Here, a cluster of small lidded storage containers is transformed into a countdown holiday calendar. Paint the boxes and print out numbers on colored paper; cut out and adhere to the lids. Glue a small magnet to the back of each container and attach to a painted metal board.

Decorate with Small Wreaths

Large and impactful are typical design credos for wreaths, but small can be equally as mighty. To get this small space decorating look, hang a mini wreath with a velvet or satin ribbon from shelves or drawer pulls. Tuck a few sprigs of berries in for color.

Put Home Accents to Work

Got a pretty lamp with an open base? Fill it with festive and eye-catching ornaments. A kitchen bowl could do the same work in a small space.

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