Sure, you can find gorgeous used, vintage or even antique Christmas decorations at a good flea market. But the best flea market finds for Christmas might not be so obvious.

By Jamie Lott
Wintry Tabletop Christmas Tree

The best things to bring home from the flea market to add to your Christmas decor this year might not be the first things you'd think of when shopping. But these fun finds are a great way to add a touch of holiday nostalgia in unexpected and stylish ways.

Fill a vintage mercury glass compote with greenery and vintage ornaments. It doesn't get any easier than that. And if you already have special ornaments, like family keepsakes to display, these kinds of containers can be the perfect place to show them off.

A favorite old container is the galvanized bucket. Fill it with logs for the fire, some greenery and lights and you've got one perfect holiday vignette. But possibly its best use is that of tree stand. Whether you go for a real or artificial tree, any tree looks great and adds some industrial charm to your cozy Christmas decor.

Vintage Dishes


Why settle for that matching boxed set when you can select your favorites and pair them together for the most gorgeous table setting ever? There's no need for them to match for them to be perfect. You can make it all work by selecting some basic pieces in a coordinating color. Keep it monochromatic or top it off with a couple of bold salad, appetizer plates or saucers. Don't forget about drinking glasses!

Add some vintage green glasses for the perfect festive touch.

Old Sweaters


Old sweaters aren't just for ugly sweater parties anymore. Turn them into pillows, a throw, or cozy candle holders. Find out how to make these adorable, but super easy, old sweater candle holder here: Cozy Candleholders.

The What Is It Vignette

Glowing French Shaving Stand Beth Unskinny Boppy

You know those great old things you spy at the flea market and your first question is, 'What is it'? But the second thing you wonder, since you love it even though you have no idea what it is, is 'What can I do with it'? This is one of those wonderful things.

An old French shaving sink. But who'd have though to fill it with Christmas lights and baubles and decorate it for the holidays? Beth from the blog Unskinny Boppy did! Take those unexpected things you love, that reach out and grab your attention, even if you don't know what they are and think of unexpected uses for them. They will make some of the greatest flea market Christmas decorations ever. Even if they were never intended as decorations in the first place.

For more information on this gorgeous project and all of the other flea market elements it's decorated with, including where she found them, please visit Unskinny Boppy. 

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December 5, 2018
I live poking around antique shops around my qu as int river town looking for vintage Christmas ornaments and they're pretty inexpensive.
December 5, 2018