Festive DIY Tree Toppers

No Charlie Brown Christmas trees here! Thanks to some holiday cheer and a little bit of DIY, this mix of tree toppers from Better Homes & Gardens magazine and a few of our fave bloggers will wow even Santa.

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    Glitter Bomb Tree Topper

    Paper and glitter are the secrets to this oh-so-snazzy tree topper, crafted by blogger Hello Lidy. Tip: Use two hues of glitter for a fun, shadowy finish.

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    Disco Ball Tree Topper

    This flashy Christmas tree topper has "party hearty" written all over it. Hunted Interior blogger Kristin Jackson tops it with a traditional bow for the perfect balance.

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    Modern Tree Topper

    For a star that's as eye-popping as the ornaments, use hot glue to attach gold-dipped cones onto a wooden or foam circle. Metallic spray paint lets the topper shimmer and shine.

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    Santa Crescent Tree Topper

    Let Santa have the final say, with a Christmas tree topper modeled after everyone's favorite rosy-cheeked guy. Whether you go crescent or classic, this topper is sure to score you a spot on the nice list.

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    Trendy Tree Topper

    Ooh la la! Brit + Co does it again. Introducing three tricks to a trendy tree topper: color blocking, paint pens, and decoupage glue.

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    Woodsy Tree Topper

    Wooden tree toppers are subtle yet impressive additions to any Christmas tree. They make you feel as if you're snowed into a cozy cabin in the woods.

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    Present Tree Topper

    Present-ing what is sure to become your new favorite topper idea: a bow! Big and beautiful, it'll get all the attention. Personalize it with your go-to pattern or favorite color.

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    Golden Paper Tree Topper

    A two-material tree topper? We're so in! The blog Happiness is Homemade turns paper and glue into a Christmas masterpiece. With a few careful loops and swoops, you've got a tree topper that's as good as gold.

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    Monogram Tree Topper

    All about that glitter? Stefanie of Brooklyn Limestone has you covered, with her sweet and swirly monogram tree topper. Watch and learn.

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    Cozy Knit Tree Topper

    Grab some cocoa and a seat by the fire -- it's time to get your knitting on! Cut two stars out of an old sweater, stuff with filling, then stitch away for a topper that's both cute and cozy.

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    Sunny Tree Topper

    Mommy blogger Dwellings by Devore gets downright adorable, thanks to some wooden skewers, a PVC pipe, and a plastic foam ball. Gold spray paint gives the tree topper a starry twinkle.

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    Bouquet Tree Topper

    Fresh flowers are the cherry on top to this already fragrant tree. Go with a brighter hue like citrus orange to make the tree pop like popcorn on a string.

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    Pinecone Tree Topper

    Bring the outdoors in, with pinecones picked straight from your blanketed backyard. Get five long, skinny pinecones and one rounder one for the center. Glue, top, and smell all Christmas long!

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    Shh: Secrets to the Perfect Bow

    Whether you prefer them layered or classic, for presents or for toppers, we've got the tricks to making your most fabulous bow ever.

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