Whether you're hanging shiny red ornaments on fragrant green Christmas trees or mounting pretty green pine wreaths adorned with lovely red bows, red and green are the colors of Christmas. But don't feel limited to these classics when decking the halls. Get creative this holiday season by incorporating nontraditional hues into your Christmas color palette.

By Cyndy Aldred
December 03, 2015

Chic Black, White, and Gold

Black, white, and gold are popular home decor colors, and they can bring sophistication to your holiday design. Wrap gifts with black and white fabric ribbons in bold stripes or patterns -- like houndstooth -- or choose metallic gold ribbon for a chic and elegant look. This color scheme can also work beautifully for holiday decor, tree trimming, and holiday entertaining. Bonus: The palette can be easily incorporated and combined with traditional reds and greens.

Image via: Boxwood Clippings

White Winter Wonderland

White decorations can transform your home into a winter wonderland, whether you pair them with traditional reds and greens or go for an all-white design. Add a few white ornaments to your tree, tuck a few white feathers among the branches, or flock your pine with artificial snow for a stylish white Christmas look.

Image via: Craftberry Bush

Elegant Blue and White

For an elegant pop of color, arrange fresh flowers, seasonal favorites like poinsettias and pine, or small Christmas trees into blue and white ceramic garden containers. The dark blue provides an eye-catching contrast to classic reds and greens, and we love the lime and emerald green used in this festive design.

Image via: Dimples and Tangles

Whimsical Pinks and Blues

If whimsical and eclectic are more your style, you can add even more color to your Christmas decor with rich blues, bright pinks, and metallic silvers. When combined with traditional reds and greens, the lighter shades of blue, darker and bolder pinks, and shimmery silvers can add a bit of fun and magic to your home at Christmastime.

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December 5, 2018
Thank heavens for someone who recognises that the awful red and green that proliferates in December is not actual LAW. My Christmas colour schemes are silver / turquoise / purple and brown / rose gold / cream. I own NOTHING for Christmas that is red, and nothing except the tree that is green. I have yet to be struck down by lightning from above, so I guess it is not Holy writ to use red and green?