Stop tossing everything into the same box! Safely store gift wrap, holiday lights, wreaths, and more with these clever containers.

By Jessica Bennett and Hannah Bruneman
Updated December 17, 2019
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As much as we love our holiday decorations, they're only on display a few months out of the year. How are you storing those pricey products and lights the remaining months? If your answer involves throwing everything into a box and calling it a day, you might want to rethink your storage strategy. Instead, get inspired by our favorite holiday storage boxes, bags, and containers. Each of these products will help keep your holiday decorations safe and intact until you're ready to pull them out next Christmas.

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

1. Stackable Ornament Storage

Decorating a Christmas tree is all fun and games until it's time to put everything back in its place just a few weeks later. Save yourself the headache of finding each ornament's original box and instead buy a container with individual slots for each bauble and star. These fabric-lined trays hold up to 72 ornaments and stack easily inside a bag with handles, making storage simple within a closet or on shelving. While larger or awkwardly-shaped ornaments might not fit, the 3-inch slots are big enough to fit most tree decorations.

2. Christmas Light Storage Bag

Don't let your holiday string lights get tangled, broken, or smashed while in storage. This clever bag is made specifically to hold your Christmas lights together in a neat, orderly way. The easy-to-carry bag has durable handles and three removable interior sections to create four separate storage compartments. Although it's made for lights, the customizable dividers work well for a variety of additional holiday decor as well.

3. Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The last thing you want is to pull your faux Christmas tree out of storage and find it misshapen, worn, and full of spiderwebs (eek!). Keep your artificial tree safe in storage with a Christmas tree storage bag or box. This one from Amazon can hold a 9-foot tree, zips close, and has durable handles for easy carrying.

Courtesy of Amazon

4. Gift Wrap Storage

Whether you're a gift-wrap hoarder or you just buy a few rolls at the beginning of each holiday season, your gift wrapping will go much more smoothly with a designated storage container. This organizer is extra long (40 inches) to fit most roll sizes and has additional pockets for gift bags, bows, and tissue paper. Store this upright, hang it in a closet, or slide it under the bed for safekeeping.

Courtesy of The Container Store

5. Stackable Wreath Storage

Throwing a wreath in a large garbage bag for storage might do the job, but a storage container made specifically for wreaths will better protect your decor. This 24-inch wreath storage bin from The Container Store is wide enough for even decorated wreaths with all the bells and whistles. The hard shell will save your wreath from any wear and will ensure it keeps its shape year after year.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

6. Christmas Light Storage Box

Prevent tangled lights and cords with this string-light storage box from Wayfair. The plastic container comes with removable light wraps that hold your wires like a spool of thread. The lights sit upright in the box so they're not stacked on top of each other. Use this to store your tinsel garland without tangles, too!

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

7. Christmas Card Storage Container

It wouldn't be the holidays without letters from the ones you love. Once the season is over, keep your Christmas cards safe and sorted. This handy compact box comes with dividers to sort your cards by holiday, date, or recipient. The sturdy plastic sides will prevent your cards from getting torn or bent in storage.

Courtesy of Target

8. Plastic Storage Bins

What to do with the rest of your holiday decorations? Basic plastic storage bins to the rescue. These flat totes let you store garlands, gift wrap, extra cardboard boxes, small Christmas trinkets, deflated yard decorations, and more. Make sure to get a clear tote so you always know what's inside, and take it a step further by labeling its contents on the lid.


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