Each one comes with a scratching board to keep your kitty busy.

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Halloween is over, and we're a week into November, which means it's perfectly acceptable to start decorating for Christmas. While you're putting up your tree, hanging lights, and setting out your porch decor, make sure you don't forget your feline in the festivities.

Your cat deserves something to celebrate the season, and this Christmas cat house is the perfect pet gift. This year, Target is selling seven different options that are purr-fect for all kinds of cats. Each one is made of cardboard and comes with a scratcher so your pet can claw the side of the house instead of your furniture. Check out these affordable options for festive cat naps all season long.

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christmas cat house gifts
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Stack of Gifts House

This two-tiered house is perfect for anyone with more than one cat (or maybe just a super playful kitty). It measures 19.5 x 45 x 19.5 inches and has scratch pads on both levels. Place it with your other gifts and it will blend in like a real stack of presents.

Buy It: Double Decker Holiday Present House ($35)

christmas cat house camper
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Christmas Camper

It doesn't get much cuter than this pet camper. It has a scratch pad on the inside and is 19 x 19 x 15 inches. Its design features multicolored lights and a wreath, as well as a Christmas tree tied on top of the cardboard RV.

Buy It: RV Cat Scratcher House ($15)

christmas cat house tree
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Christmas Tree Cat House

Your cat won't want to tear down the lights on your tree when they have their own Tannenbaum. It's the largest option at 25 x 38 x 25 inches and comes with a scratch board on both levels. One five-star reviewer says it's perfect for bigger pets and her cats absolutely love it. "They were in it even before I was able to fully assemble it," they write.

Buy It: Double Decker Holiday Tree Cat House ($35)

christmas cat house theatre
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Nutcracker Theater

This is another great option for multiple cats thanks to its two floors of scratch boards. The festive auditorium features "Playing Now" signsas well as two nutcrackers acting as ticket takers. It measures 20 x 26 x 15 inches. One buyer gave it a five-star review and notes that it's great for keeping energetic cats busy.

Buy It: Double Decker Theatre Cat House ($17)

christmas cat house present
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Wrapped Gift Cat House

For a more compact design, try this single-level cat house decorated like a Christmas present. It's 15 x 20 x 15 inches with a scratcher on the inside. The yellow bow on top adds an extra special touch.

Buy It: Present Scratcher House ($13)

christmas cat house bakery
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Bakery Cat House

Now your cat can hang out in their very own bakery while you bake some delicious Christmas cookies. The sign on this cat house reads "Made From Scratch" and various goodies are printed on the side windows. This option measures 15 x 18.5 x 15 inches and comes with a scratch board inside.

Buy It: Bakery Scratch House ($15)

christmas cat house lodge
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Snowy Chalet

Kittens will love cuddling in this smaller house that's 4 x 15 x 17 inches. The snow-covered cottage showcases snow-covered fir trees and a little black cat playing with a mouse on the front. It has two scratch boards, one inside and another on top.

Buy It: Winter Lodge Cat House ($17)


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