They come with scratching board floors for a fun and functional gift.

By Jennifer Aldrich
October 30, 2019
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It's not even November, but with retailers already rolling out holiday deals, we can officially say it's time to begin buying gifts for your loved ones—including your furry friends. Although your feline won't be able to give you its Christmas list, Target has a couple of items that your pet will love to see under the tree. The superstore is selling two Christmas cat houses that are so cute, they'll double as decorations.

The festive abodes, which are also cat scratchers, are available in two versions: an RV and a double-decker ski chalet. Both are part of Target's Wonderland collection and cost less than $20 each. The RV retails for $14.99 and the ski chalet sells for $16.99. Each one is made out of lightweight, but durable cardboard and features scratchpad floors to let your cat claw its heart out. The houses are also made with windows so your cat can peer out into the world while inside the space.

Courtesy of Target

Anyone who owns a cat knows how the most wonderful time of the year can turn into a complete disaster with a feisty feline around. The lights, garland, and ornaments around your home are all in danger of being torn apart by your pet who just sees the dangling decorations as toys. With these scratchers, your kitty will be preoccupied sharpening their claws instead of tearing down your Christmas tree. (To ensure your evergreen is completely safe, you could always opt for an upside-down Christmas tree for an ultra-unique decoration.)

Whether your cat has been naughty or nice this year, these festive items will be a gift both of you will enjoy.


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