You've seen them all over Instagram and in the dollar section at Target. Bottle brush Christmas trees have been around for decades but are still a common sight in this year's holiday lookbooks and Christmas decor collections.

By Jenny Krane
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Bottle brush trees have been a Christmas decor staple for many years and are available basically everywhere when the holiday season rolls around. You can buy a forest-worth of colorful sisal trees covered in ornaments, sparkles, faux snow, or lights (yes, some come pre-lit!). Check out where you can find bottle brush trees online to start your own simplistic Christmas display.

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Image courtesy of West Elm

Bottle Brush Trees

These simple bottle brush trees were handcrafted in the Philippines and have the classic layered shape of traditional Christmas trees. They're available in two heights and two shades of green, so you can pair them together for a full forest of trees, or just use one as a statement in a holiday centerpiece.

Buy it: Bottle Brush Trees, $9, West Elm

Image courtesy of Target

Large Bottle Brush Christmas Tree

At 13 inches tall, this sisal Christmas tree is perfect for a larger tabletop display or an eye-catching mantel prop. This tree comes in dark green and black and has white on the ends of the branches to mimic snow. Leave the tree plain or deck it out with ribbon and beads.

Buy it: Large Bottle Brush Christmas Tree, $8, Target

Image courtesy of Walmart

Christmas White to Silver Tree Plastic Bottle Brush

This set of elegant trees almost have a soft, feathery look as they fade from gray to white. The set includes three sizes of trees, the tallest being almost 19 inches tall. Picture the collection of the trees around the base of the fireplace or filling an empty corner—gorgeous!

Buy it: Christmas White to Silver Tree Plastic Bottle Brush, $98, Walmart

Image courtesy of Pier1

Green Ombre Bottlebrush Tree

This tall and narrow bottle brush tree will add a modern and whimsical look to your Christmas decor. The size of it on its own makes a statement—22 inches will catch anyone's eye. The coloring also has an ombre effect, fading from dark to light green and the ends of the branches are frosted to look like snow.

Buy it: Green Ombre Bottlebrush Tree, $15, Pier1

Image courtesy of Hayneedle

Sullivans Bottlebrush Decorative Tree Set

These are the perfect option if you're looking for more subtle bottle brush trees to sneak into empty spots around your home. Green branches and a wood stand make these basic trees a blank canvas for your holiday decor. Add decorations around the tree or leave them plain for a natural look.

Buy it: Sullivans Bottlebrush Decorative Tree Set, $35, Hayneedle

Image courtesy of World Market

Teardrop Bottlebrush Trees Set

These two colorful trees are a perfect pair. Get your hands on the set that includes the blush pink and mint green trees; each one has been handcrafted and stands at 11 inches tall. Children will adore these!

Buy it: Teardrop Bottlebrush Trees Set, $20, World Market

Image courtesy of Wayfair

Bottle Brush Natural Tree Set

Sometimes simplicity is best. These three green trees have bottle brush trunks that are stuck into natural light wood dowels as a base. The set comes with trees at three different heights so you can stagger them on a coffee table or along a windowsill.

Buy it: Bottle Brush Natural Tree Set, $25, Wayfair



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