Adorable Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear—and with decorations, of course. Share the love this holiday season with the most adorable (and easy!) holiday decorations ever. With a homemade Christmas countdown and cupcake-liner garlands, you've never felt so festive.

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    Accordion-Style Cardstock Village

    Decorate for the holidays with a charming cardstock village you can customize to fit the space you're decorating. Download the paper pattern with the link below and simply print the houses onto white heavyweight cardstock, cut them out with a crafts knife, and join them using a glue stick. Garnish the display with coffee-filter snowflakes dressed up with metallic paints.

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    Tree Branches Pillow Cover

    A wintry touch like this DIY pillow cover is a stress-free way to add Christmas home decor to your living room each year. To make, cut pieces of white felt into strips and snip the cloth to resemble birch trees. Apply the strips to a linen pillow cover using fusible interfacing. Create the cardinal by cutting the shape from red felt and adhering it to a branch.

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    Mini Envelope Calendar

    Look forward to every day before Christmas when you create a darling Advent calendar that features inspirational messages, holiday to-dos, and delightful notes inside mini handmade envelopes. Using the template link below, cut the envelopes from papers in a whimsical color palette. Decorate the envelopes with numbers to represent the days of the month. Use mini clothespins to hang the envelopes from twine strung across an empty picture frame.

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    Deer Silhouette Wall Art

    Embrace a rustic winter feel by incorporating texture and nature into your seasonal decor. To construct an impressive yet surprisingly lightweight piece of deer wall art, glue florists foam planks together and cut a reindeer silhouette from the center of the planks. Coat the project with smoothing decoupage medium, gently sand, and paint. Back the planks with neutral-color fabric with texture to add interest to the silhouette.

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    Paper Icicle Garland

    Watch how to make a sparkly garland you’ll want to leave up all season long. All you need is a length of large art paper and a pair of scissors to create these DIY Christmas decorations. Add a bit of sparkle with clear or white glitter.

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    Gingerbread Houses in Jars

    This cute Christmas decoration DIY does double duty. Keep your gingerbread houses fresh while creating an adorable Christmas decoration when you store sweet cottages in large glass containers. Amp up the charm by adding sugar “snow” and tree figurines to the display.

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    “Joy” Letters

    Spell out the feeling of Christmas with large papier-mache letters displayed on a mantel. Paint the fronts of the letters with white paint and the sides with red paint. Finish the project with a coat of decoupage and some glitter. Decorate the mantel with your letters surrounded by greenery, silver candleholders, and coordinating stockings. This displays also makes for a cute Christmas window decoration on the ledge of a bay window.

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    Green Paper Christmas Tree

    Create stylized evergreen artwork by adding strips of pale green, mint, and forest green heavyweight cardstock to a piece of watercolor paper with crafts glue. Use gold cardstock to form the tree trunk and top off the spruce with a glittery cardstock star. To make decorated Christmas trees, add small beads or buttons.

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    Star Garland

    This holiday decorating idea is so easy and cute. Create a magical photo backdrop perfect for your holiday parties using this step-by-step tutorial. Use it in a different way, too: hang it from the inside of a window fram fro a fun holiday window decoration.

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    Paper Straw Garland

    For traditional Christmas decorations with a twist, try using paper straws for more than just sipping! String them onto yarn, then in between each straw, loop in faux leaves glued to purple pom-poms. A holiday garland has never been so easy.

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    Cupcake-Liner Wall Art

    Cupcake liners do it all, and we're not just talking baking. Refresh your current wall art with a cupcake Christmas tree. We used a mix of red and green to keep for Christmas home decor that is extra festive.

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    Candy-Coated Mantel

    Make Christmas even sweeter with jars full of colorful candy. Chocolate, cinnamon candies, peppermints, you name it. This holiday mantel decor is something every sweet tooth can get on board with. 

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    Snowflake Coasters

    Felt snowflakes and foam paper are all you need to create these frost-catching coasters. Look for a pack of each at your local crafts store, then hot-glue and sip away.

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    Not Your Normal Christmas Garlands

    Watch and learn how to make three unique garlands from paper products: cupcake liners, paper straws, and crafting cardstock. These are DIY Christmas decorations you will be proud to use year after year.

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    Let It Snow Art

    Craft a Christmas memo even Frosty would approve of. This is an opportunity to create an updated version of vintage Christmas decorations. We went for a poppy color combination—pink fabric with red embroidered writing—inside an embroidery hoop that's hung with candy cane-striped ribbon.

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    Gold-Dipped Leaf Wreath

    Pine wreaths are so last (holiday) season. Dip a faux leafy wreath into gold paint for a jazzy way to decorate the front door. Bonus: You can take these beauties from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so you only have to decorate for the holidays once.

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    Cupcake-Liner Garland

    Save the baking for later. Cupcake liners of different sizes and colors come together to create a garland that's as good as gold. Simply fold, staple, and hang!

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    2-Step Fabric Wreath

    Three words: fabric plus paper. Put them together on a wreath form and you have a fun DIY Christmas decoration. Here's how to get these adorable wreaths up in a flash. 

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    Red Santa Trees

    Santa mugs aren't just for hot cocoa and eggnog. Top off your collection with mini Christmas trees of all kinds—sparkly, ornamented, even candy cane! Purchase them on the cheap at your local home goods store.  

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    Gold Christmas Tree Forest

    Winter wonderland just got glitzier, thanks to bedazzled Christmas trees. Display each in a glass container for a tidy and enchanting holiday touch. Use cake stands to vary heights for an eye-catching display.

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    DIY Christmas Coasters

    Woodsy tree trunks turn into the trendiest Christmas coasters you ever did see, thanks to a sprig of pine. Paint a stripe in the middle, then use a stencil or glittered letter sticker to add a monogram for a personal touch. Attach a sprig of pine to the top and use thin ribbon to make it double as an ornament.

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    Gold-Dipped Vases

    Gorgeous blooms call for a gorgeous vase. Add some glitz to your Christmas home decor with these gold-dipped vases. Use a sponge to dab on the paint for a frostier, weathered look.

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    4 Secrets to Decorating Small Spaces

    Small space? No problem. These Christmas decorating ideas will help you decorate for the holidays with ease.

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    Trinket Jars

    Let every jar tell a Christmas story using old ornaments and vintage trinkets. Go with sea salt for the snow, then top each off with a ribbon-laced lid. Arrange them to create a winter wonderland scene.

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