When You Need to Save Money, Try These DIY $10 Holiday Gifts

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Sweet Paul

The holiday season brings festive parties, twinkling lights, and gorgeous decor. It also means you probably have a lot of shopping to do, and that can mean loads of added stress too. Choosing the perfect gifts without draining your bank account can be quite challenging. Fear not, friends! We've rounded up 10 ultra-amazing DIYs that you can give your loved ones this season. Not only are they handmade by you, which is so much sweeter than something store-bought, but they're also super thrifty! Everything here can be easily assembled for less than $10 each! So, put on your favorite holiday playlist, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, and get busy making one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list. Check out our top 10 gifts for under $10 a pop right now:

1. Dry Erase Memo Board

Tatertots and Jello

Help your loved ones stay organized this holiday season. With a simple picture frame and a dry erase marker, you can make a custom memo board to use over and over again. Try a menu planner with this free printable from Tatertots and Jello. Create a multi-purpose version with a scrap of pretty paper or fabric. Make it super personal with a photo from a place you've visited together. There are endless ways to customize this memo board, and your loved one will have a super-functional gift that reminds them of you each time they use it.

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2. Ultra-Hydrating Milk and Honey Bath Melts

Bren Did

Colder temperatures can be hard on skin. These bath melts turn an ordinary bath into a lovely escape that soothes and hydrates. With just four insanely luxurious ingredients — mango butter, powdered milk, honey, and almond oil — you can whip up a batch for some of your very favorite people. You could even add a few drops of essential oil for a custom fragrance. Pop a few in a mason jar, tie a cute ribbon, and you'll have a gift anyone would love to receive.

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3. Architectural Doodle Building Blocks

Amelia Presents (Instagram) courtesy of Adrienne Brown David

How sweet are these hand-drawn wooden blocks? This project might seem intimidating, but architectural elements like windows and doors are made up of basic shapes anyone can draw. Feeling adventurous? Look up historical homes for detail inspiration like Craftsman railings or Victorian scroll work. You could also customize this set to the child's home. The possibilities are endless and this handmade block set will surely bring hours of joy and creativity to the young ones in your life.

Check them out now.

4. Super Soft Braided Headband

Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

Every girl can use a great headband. This super soft, ultra-cute version is new-sew, washable, and can be made for free. Yep, free! You know you have a cotton Tshirt somewhere that doesn't quite fit or isn't your favorite style. Put it to good use! Simply cut it into long strips, follow the simple braiding tutorial, tie the ends together, and trim the excess. That's it! Perfect for any girl in your life who loves to accessorize.

Get the details at Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth

5. Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce

Miss Information

Got someone on your list who loves to cook? They'll love this sweet and smoky barbecue sauce. Perfect for ribs, pulled pork or chicken, and shrimp, this sauce is smooth and sweet — with a bit of a kick — and easy to make! Stir up a batch on the stove top, pour it into a Mason jar, and add some cute ribbon or a festive gift tag. They'll think of you next time they have a BBQ and probably beg you for the recipe!

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6. Minimalist Modern Clothespin Trivet

Sweet Paul

I love practical items that double as art. This clothespin trivet is wonderfully minimal, yet so beautiful in its simplicity. All you'll need to make this gift is clothespins, florist wire, and a drill. Assembly is super straightforward, but you can be as creative as you'd like with the finish. Stain the clothespins a bit darker, paint them a bright color, or try something a bit more adventurous like an ombre color scheme. Or, leave them unfinished for a more minimal vibe. No matter which route you go, this is a gift that is sure to be used and prominently displayed, all year long!

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7. Travel-Sized Popsicle Stick Memory Game

The Baby Bump Diaries

These washi tape popsicle sticks are adorable and super versatile, providing lots of ways to play. Young toddlers can search for familiar colors and shapes, or find matching pairs. As they get older, they can turn them over and play the classic memory game. The small size is perfect for stashing in a diaper bag so they'll be ready to go in case of a long line at the grocery store or a wait at a restaurant. This gift is super simple to customize, too. With hundreds of washi tape patterns out there, you can create any theme or color scheme, and you can assemble a set in under 10 minutes.

The Baby Bump Diaries

8. Farmhouse Mason Jar Coasters

My Wedding

With farmhouse style being all the rage, Mason jars have been everywhere and used in a variety of ways: drinking glasses, herb gardens, light fixtures, and now coasters. These Mason jar lid coasters are as practical as they are adorable, and you can personalize them with a rubber stamp and an ink color of your choice. Just trace the lid onto a sheet of adhesive-backed cork and trim to fit. Stamp in the center of the circle and set the ink with a warm iron to prevent running or smudging. Press the adhesive side into the lid. Stack your set and tie with some twine or ribbon, and you have a truly unique gift perfect for the design-lover in your life.

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9. Handmade Holiday Star Ornament

Home Sweet Homemade

Holiday ornaments are always treasured. Each year, they're unwrapped and hung as we relive the memories attached to each one. Give a sweet memory this year with these rustic, hand-threaded star ornaments. Your choices of materials and pairings are endless: Try glossy cardstock with metallic thread for a glam version or bright-colored felt and a coordinating yarn for a homespun vibe or a thin sheet of unfinished plywood paired with leather cord for a more masculine option. No matter what route you go, you'll give a beautiful gift that's sure to be cherished year after year.

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10. Stove Top Simmer Holiday Fragrance

The Weathered Palate

Sometimes you need a simple gift that's a little less personal (for teachers, neighbors, or an office gift exchange). A sweet and spicy stove top fragrance is sure to be a hit no matter who opens it. With yummy scents like rosemary, orange, cinnamon, and clove, these fragrance kits will have everyone in the holiday mood. Check out The Weathered Palate for three recipe options, a supply list/cost breakdown, and free gift tag printables.

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