Craft a Blue-and-Silver Christmas Tabletop Tree

Make this pretty Christmas tabletop tree from a variety of blue and silver crafts supplies.

What You Need:

  • 3 7/8 X 8 7/8-inch foam cone
  • Package of 100 long pearl-head straight pins
  • Multicolor glitter crafts paint; paintbrush
  • 5 silver glittered leaf florist's picks
  • 1 teal-color grape cluster florist's pick
  • Assorted teal, blue, and silver sequins
  • White and teal snowflake-shape foam stickers
  • Crafts glue; scissors
  • Iridescent star topper
  • Clear glass votive cup

How to Make It:

  1. Paint the cone with the crafts paint and let dry. Cut silver metallic leaves from florist's picks and separate into large, medium, and small sizes. Insert a pearl-head pin into a single large leaf and attach it to the cone at the bottom, placing at a diagonal.
  2. Continue to place single leaves at an angle to make a row around the bottom of the cone. Arrange subsequent leaves in groups of three, poking a pearl-head pin through each group of three and fanning out to cover as much area on the cone as possible. Use larger groups of leaves at the bottom of the cone, medium-size ones at the center, and the smallest ones toward the top.
  3. Cut beads from the grape cluster florist's pick. Leave about 1 inch of wire extending from each bead. Insert beads into the cone near the leaf clusters. Continue to fill in spaces
  4. Glue additional pieces of silver foliage from the florist's picks to fill in any gaps. Insert the star topper into the top of the cone using wire from topper, or glue in place with crafts glue.
  5. Turn the clear glass votive upside down, spread a thick layer of crafts glue on the bottom, and adhere the decorated tree on top. Let the tree dry.


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