Sweet Treat Jar

Keep holiday candies close at hand in a flea-market jar painted with colors of the season.

What You Need:

Special treats deserve a special jar.
  • Glass candy jar with lid and ball knob
  • Glass paints in maroon, white, dark green, and medium green
  • Disposable foam plate
  • Paintbrushes: small flat and small pointed


Step 2

1. Wash and dry the candy jar and lid. Avoid touching the areas to be painted with your bare hands; use a towel.

2. Paint holly leaves. Place a small amount of dark green, medium green, and white paint on a foam plate. Load a small flat paintbrush with all three colors of paint without mixing them. Paint two holly leaf shapes on the lid of the jar. Load a small pointed paintbrush with dark green and white. Paint vein lines and outlines on each holly leaf. Let the paint dry.

Step 4

3. Paint knob. Place a small amount of maroon and white paint on a foam plate. Load a flat brush and paint the knob on the jar lid. Let the paint dry.

4. Add the dots on the jar base. Dip the handle end of a paintbrush into the white and maroon paints and dot on the suface. Let the paint dry.

5. Paint white dots on the jar lid around the holly designs. Let the paint dry.

More Ideas:

  • If the lid of your jar doesn't have a knob, paint a circle in the center of the lid and fill it in with maroon and white paint as described in Step 3.
  • Paint several jars and fill them with holiday candy to keep on hand for unexpected guests or to give as last-minute hostess gifts.


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