20 Spectacular Snowflakes

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If you love winter, you'll love our collection of innovative designs visitors have created while using our Make-a-Snowflake program. It's always snowing at BHG.com!

Floral Flake

Each of the snowflakes in this slideshow was created with a virtual pair of scissors and a virtual folded piece of paper. Many flakemakers also include messages with their snowflakes, which you'll get to see in the following 19 slides -- which originate from all over the world. This flake was created by Shapeshifter.

Search Tip: You can search for snowflakes by maker's name in our Make-a-Snowflake program. So if you like Shapeshifter's work, type in Shapeshifter in the Find a Flake searchbox.

Face-Time Flake

"Oh that's harder with a touchpad; I am used to my optical mouse. LOL."

-- Minky

Sad Dog Flake

"I didn't get a bone for Christmas."

-- Barbo, Oregon

Grecian Flake

"It's just a bunch of scribbles."

-- Sophia, Greece

Optimistic Flake

"Live life to the fullest. Don't be afraid to fall; when you fall get back up and go again."

-- Jake, Mount Vernon, Washington

Memorial Flake

"In memory of Molly -- November 9, 2007. Forever in my heart."

-- Tender Moon, New York

Neapolitan Flake

"Buon Natale!" (Merry Christmas in Italian)

-- Jean, New Mexico

Bluegrass Flake

"I love snow!!!"

-- Will, Kentucky

Study-Break Flake

"I'm supposed to be writing a final research paper."

-- Jan, Georgia

Nordic Flake

"Season's Greetings!"

-- Eila, Finland

Search Tip: You can search for snowflakes by maker's location in our Make-a-Snowflake program. So if you want to find flakes made around the world, enter the country, state, or even your own hometown in the Find a Flake search box.

Emerald City Flake


-- Diane, Seattle

Big Sky Flake

"Isn't it awesome they say God made every snowflake different? Just like every person on earth."

-- Carol, Montana

Spirited Flake


-- Casey Johnson

Philosophical Flake

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage."

-- Barbi, Grafton, Illinois

Patriotic Flake

"To the other Vets out there...You are all remembered."

-- Patrick, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Land-Down-Under Flake

"Just like a snowflake, you are unique...beautiful just as you are. Peace and healing."

-- Ladychiara, Australia

Sunshine Flake

"Oh my goodness! It's snowing in Florida!"

-- Amy, Tampa, Florida

Southern Flake

"Merry Christmas to my husband and my beautiful children! I love you all."

-- Amy, Walterboro, South Carolina

Starry-Eyed Flake

"Hi, I'm always watching you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Alberto, Julington Creek

Russian Flake

"Be good!!!!!"

-- Matman, Russia

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