Use warm fleece to sew this cheery snow lady pillow as a fun winter decoration.

Updated: February 17, 2017

What You Need:

  • Tracing paper, pencil, scissors
  • 20-inch square of white fleece
  • 1/8 yard of patterned fleece
  • 28-inch square of red fleece
  • Scrap of pink fleece, black thread
  • Straight pins, sewing machine
  • Five 3/4-inch black buttons
  • Four 5/8-inch black buttons
  • Sewing needle, white thread
  • 28-inch square of pink fleece
  • 18-inch-square pillow form

Download snowman pillow pattern

How to Make It:

  1. Enlarge and trace the pattern; cut out the pieces.
  2. Use the patterns to cut the snow lady, nose, and hat shapes from the fleece. Cut four small circles from white for snow. Cut two 5x11-inch strips for scarf.
  3. Pin the nose on the face; zigzag-stitch the edges. Pin the snow lady to the red fleece square, centered right to left and 5 inches from the bottom edge. Zigzag the edges. Pin hat in place; zigzag edges.
  4. Pin one scarf piece on the snow lady's neck, gathering at the ends. Stitch the ends to secure. Tie a knot in the center of the remaining scarf piece. Cut 2-inch-long fringes on each end. Hand-stitch the knot to the pillow top at the right end of the scarf piece.
  5. Sew the button mouth and eyes in place. Zigzag eyebrows.
  6. Cut a 1-1/2x10-inch strip from solid pink fleece. Tie into a bow. Cut a notch in each end. Hand-sew the knot of the bow to the hat.

  • Sew the snow circles to the pillow top using three intersecting straight stitches; knot on back.
  • Pin the pillow top to the pillow back. Cut 4-inch fringes around the squares through both layers.
  • Tie together three sides of the pillow fringes. Insert the pillow form. Tie the remaining fringes together. Machine-zigzag just inside the tied fringes.
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