How to Make a Stunning Quilled Paper Ornament

Adorn your tree with handmade elements with our instructions on how to make these easy (and beautiful!) quilled paper ornaments.

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Making a quilled paper project can seem like a daunting task, but our how-to instructions make it easy. Embellish this beautiful paper ornament with wooden beads or felt poms to make a beautiful winter decoration.

What You'll Need

holiday paper craft supplies
  • 12x12 cardstock sheets in 4 monochromatic colors for each flower
  • ⅜-inch round wood balls
  • Small poms in assorted colors
  • Clear craft glue
  • Slotted quilling tool
  • Paper clips
  • Ruler
  • Toothpick
  • X-Acto knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Paper hole punch

Step 1: Cut the Strips

paper, ruler, x-acto knife, and glue

Use a ruler and a cutting mat to cut your paper into strips. You'll need four 12x¾-inch strips of each of the four colors; if you're not using four colors, adjust accordingly so that you have an even number of each color and a total of 16 strips. Overlap two strips of the same color by ½ inch and glue together; repeat with the remaining strips and let dry.

Step 2: Quill the Paper

curling strip of paper

Using the quilling tool, slide one end of a paper strip into the slot on the tool. Roll the paper into a spiral and remove from the tool.

Step 3: Glue Spirals

winter paper craft supplies

Loosen the paper spiral until it forms a circle approximately 3 inches in diameter. Glue the open end to the outer ring, closing the spiral. Repeat the process of creating and gluing the spirals for each remaining strip of paper.

Step 4: Form Petals

attaching paper clip to form

Pinch each circular spiral to form an elongated petal shape. Push the center of the petal (the more tightly-coiled spirals) toward one of the pinched ends. Use a dab of glue on the end of a toothpick to hold the paper at this end; use a paper clip to hold the paper in place as it dries. Repeat this process with each of the petals, allowing each to dry completely before removing the paper clips.

Step 5: Glue the Flower

paper shapes and paper plate

Glue two petal shapes together by attaching the bottoms together with glue, and then hold them in place with a paper clip. Repeat this process, gluing alternating colors until each of the petals has been added. Once dry, remove the paper clips.

Step 6: Add Beads

applying glue to wooden bead

Use a toothpick and a dab of glue to secure small wooden balls to the center of the paper ornament. To personalize the ornament, swap out the wooden balls for brightly colored mini pom poms.

Step 7: Add String

finished holiday paper craft

Punch a hole through the top of a petal and use a brightly colored string to create a loop. Hang on the tree or tie to the top of a gift for a friend.

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