Celebrate the season with a set of gorgeous photo candles decorated with snapshots of your favorite family moments. Get the easy DIY instructions, plus ideas for how to display your creations.

December 21, 2017
Three personalized photo candles

Create a gorgeous DIY photo display with a few materials you probably already have on hand. Layer printed tissue paper and waxed paper, then finish the project with our secret weapon: an ordinary hair dryer. We love the idea of using a collection of old Christmas photos to create a set of memories you can display year after year. 

What You'll Need

Personalized candle supplies
  • Printer paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Candles
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape 
  • Waxed paper 
  • Hair dryer 

Step 1: Print and trim photo

Cutting out photos

Start with a piece of regular printer paper and a sheet of tissue paper. Make sure the tissue paper is flat and smooth, then trim it to match the size of the printer paper. Use clear tape to attach the tissue paper, shiny side down, to the printer paper and load into the printer so the tissue paper will be printed on. Print a winter photo onto the tissue paper and trim to size. The photo should be wide enough to wrap around most of the candle, and should be shorter than the height of the candle.

Step 2: Attach to candle with waxed paper

transferring photo to candle

Place the printed tissue paper onto the candle where you want it to appear on the finished candle. Cut a piece of waxed paper; place it over the photo, shiny side down, holding it tightly at the back. Make sure there are no bumps or air bubbles under the waxed paper.

Step 3: Blow-dry

Using a blow dryer to heat paper

Use a hair dryer to blow warm air directly onto the wax papered and photo layer. The heat will cause the waxed paper to melt and secure the tissue paper photo directly onto the candle's surface. If you are making more than one photo candle, you will need to use a new piece of waxed paper each time you blow-dry.

Step 4: Peeled wax paper

Peeling paper away from candle

Once the tissue paper photo has adhered to the candle surface, slowly peel away the waxed paper. Let the candle sit for one hour to cool completely and allow the photo to set. 


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