Pretty Paper Christmas Crafts That Are Totally Doable

Bring home the gold with DIY metallic Christmas decor. These holiday paper crafts are playful, sophisticated, and totally doable. Guests will be impressed with your sophisticated holiday-decor taste, and you'll be surprised by how easy these DIY paper Christmas crafts are to make.

Midas Touch

Have fun crafting some or all of these simple, sophisticated holiday decorations at home. Each one starts with a roll of humble kraft paper that is elevated in whimsical ways. A little glue and gold leaf give a glam finish.

Gold Leaf 101

Here'a a technique for making the partially gilded paper used in these projects.

You'll need:

1. Roll of kraft paper

2. Crafts glue

3. Two foam brushes

4. Gold leaf sheets

Gilded Paper How-To

Unroll a section of kraft paper on a flat surface. Brush on random, imperfect swaths of crafts glue with a foam brush. Do not coat entire surface with glue. Allow glue to set until tacky, then apply gold-leaf sheets by gently rubbing in place with your finger. Remove gold leaf from unglued areas by gently dusting with a dry foam brush. This will create a lovely aged look on your crafts.

Paper Flowers

This little accent is a holiday heavyweight: Create a bunch of kraft paper blooms, and attach them to a fresh wreath or glue them to gold-painted branches. You could also use them on gift boxes, homemade cards, or napkin rings -- anything goes!

Decorate with gold any time of the year!

Golden Flower Template

Create gilded paper flowers with the following crafts supplies:

1. Scissors

2. Gold-leafed kraft paper

3. Gold beads

4. Hot-glue gun

Use a printed or hand-drawn template to cut flower shapes from kraft paper. Fold each flower in half. Unfold and fold in half along the other axis; unfold. Glue a bead in center to finish it off.

Tree Topper

A sophisticated color scheme and minimal details keep this do-it-yourself Christmas tree topper from looking fussy. Made from kraft paper decked in gold leaf, the project is as simple as cutting, folding, and gluing.

Holly Leaf Projects

Holly leaves are the epitome of Christmas decor. Create two different holly leaf projects using the same template and supplies!

What you'll need:

1. Scissors

2. Gold-leafed kraft paper

3. Bone folder

4. Glue stick

5. Ribbon

6. Gold beads

Holly Leaf Ornament

Use your template to cut eight holly leaves from kraft paper, and fold each one in half lengthwise with a bone folder. Glue one side of a folded leaf to one side of another. Repeat, stopping short of gluing the first and last leaves together. Sandwich a loop of ribbon inside the paper leaves, leaving a 1-inch tail. Glue the first and last leaves, and finish by tying a bead to each end of the ribbon.

Holly Leaf Place Cards

Create fancy and festive place cards using the same supplies and holly leaf template as the ornament above. Using twice as many leaves as guests, fold them in half lengthwise. On half the leaves, write out your guests' names before pairing with the blank leaves. Punch a hole near the base of the leaves and loop together with ribbon, tying the end of each pair with a gold jingle bell.

Gorgeous DIY Gift Wrap

Wrap gifts in paper decorated with metallic paint pens or gold leaf. Handmade paper tassels add a playful touch to a traditional gift box. Once you've wrapped your gifts, put them on display, piling them up near your fireplace or under your tree to turn them into holiday decor.

Holiday Tassels

Create paper tassels with the following crafts supplies:

1. Straightedge

2. Utility knife

3. Kraft paper -- both plain and gold-leafed

4. Glue stick

5. Ribbon

Cut 1/2-inch-wide strips of plain kraft paper into twelve 10-inch lengths. Lay strips in a starburst pattern, gluing each strip to the one on top of it. Let dry. Loosely bend the starbust strips into a bundle to form a tassel. Glue a strip of gold-leafed kraft paper around the bundle 1 inch from the top. To hang, slip a ribbon through the opening below where the strips are folded over.

Stocking Gift Bags

Simple stocking gift bags are a fun alternative to gift wrap. Cut a pair of stocking shapes from kraft paper, then add stripes, a grid, or any pattern of your choosing with a glue pen, and apply gold leaf over the glue. Stitch or glue the front and back pieces together.

DIY Crafted Accents

These beauties make a bright and bold statement when plated as a holiday centerpiece, scattered above the fireplace as mantel decor, or nestled in the branches of your Christmas tree. The miniture tree-shape holiday accents will be the perfect addition to your DIY decor.

Miniature Christmas Tree Craft

To make DIY Christmas tree decorations, you'll need:

1. Bone folder

2. Gold-leafed kraft paper

3. Skewers

4. Hot glue

Create an eight-point floral shape, and scale it down 10 times. Place your shapes facedown, and using a bone folder, fold each shape four times -- once at each inner point. Flip the shapes. Repeat the folding, this time using the outer points as a guide. Take a skewer, and slide each shape onto the skewer in size order. Dab a dot of hot glue on the underside of each shape to hold it in place.

All-Season-Long Gold Winter Decor

Holiday Paper Party Crackers

Although Christmas crackers are a British tradition, we think they'll be a bang at your next holiday party. When pulled from the ends, the cracker makes a pop and candy falls out. The person holding the larger end gets the treats. Our versions are made from a paper towel roll and decorated kraft paper.

Download the templates and complete how-tos for all these decorations and more.

More Christmas Craft Ideas

Upgrade a ho-hum Christmas wreath with wow-worthy embellishments like pinecones and vintage holiday ornaments. These cheap wreaths are a great budget idea for the holidays.

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