Scrapbook Paper Advent Box for Christmas

A clever shadow box is transformed into an Advent calendar using a variety of scrapbooking supplies. Each day holds a small gift for a sweet surprise.

What You'll Need:

  • Wooden shadow box with 24 boxes*
  • 2 wooden candlesticks
  • Wooden dowel (with diameter smaller than candlestick)
  • Wooden finial
  • Christmas-motif two-sided scrapbook card stock, 6 sheets totaling at least 4 patterns
  • Number stickers
  • Semi-gloss white spray paint
  • Paper glaze (we used Aleene's Paper Glaze)
  • 24 red buttons
  • Strong crafts glue (we used Quick Grip all-purpose permanent adhesive)
  • Drill; handsaw
  • Paintbrush, 1-inch wide
  • Scissors; hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Hook-and-loop tape (optional)

How to Make It:

  1. Attach wooden candlesticks to the bottom of the shadow box by drilling a hole (the size of the wooden dowel) partially into the candlesticks and partially into the bottom of the shadow box. Saw a short piece of dowel to connect each candlestick to the shadow box. Glue the dowel, candlesticks, and shadow box in place using strong crafts glue. Glue the finial in the center of the top of the shadow box; let dry. *If the shadow box you are using contains fewer than 24 boxes, create additional sections with wooden paint stir sticks. Cut them to size and glue them in.
  2. On a protected surface, spray-paint the shadow box white. Let dry and repeat until fully covered. Apply paper glaze with a brush to one side of the card stock at a time; let dry. Apply a second coat. Press number stickers onto buttons (covering the holes). Apply two coats of paper glaze to the number surfaces as well.
  3. Cut and fit a door for each box out of card stock. Allow extra card stock at the left side of the door and fold over to form the door hinge. Cut and fit the remaining 23 doors. Number each door with a temporary sticky note if desired.
  4. Hot-glue the door hinge to the inside of the box. Hot-glue the corresponding numbered button to the door.
  5. If desired, add small pieces of hook-and-loop tape to each box and the back of each button.


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