Get creative with these whimsical painted canisters decked out in a stocking motif. Follow our easy painting patterns for a set of three canisters -- perfect for Christmas goodies.


What You'll Need

  • Tin canisters: large, medium, and small
  • Tracing paper
  • Graphite paper
  • DecoArt Americana paints: Berry Red 019 (BR), Festive Green 30 (FG), Evergreen 082 (EV), Citron Green 235 (CG), Lavender 034 (LV), Warm White 239 (WW)
  • Assorted paintbrushes
  • Matte varnish
Download the free patterns.

How to Make It

Note: In the instructions, paint colors are referred to by a two-letter code:

BR - Berry Red 019

FG - Festive Green 30

EV - Evergreen 082

CG - Citron Green 235

LV - Lavender 034

WW - Warm White 239

1. Wash and dry the canisters. Download and print the free patterns. Trace the patterns onto tracing paper. Using graphite paper, transfer the designs to the canisters.

Note: When applying the base coats, pat paint onto the canisters for a mottled appearance.

2. Large canister: Using a flat brush, base-coat stocking stripes and ribbon with BR. Paint holly leaves and stocking between red stripes with FG. Paint (swirl) buttons and stocking cuff with CG. Using a liner brush and BR, add hanging loop. Use a tip of paintbrush handle to make BR dots on stocking. Using an angle brush, shade stocking cuff and bottom edge of each button with FG. Shade bottom edge of each holly leaf, the left side of stocking, and area beneath stocking cuff with EV. Add EV vein to each holly leaf. Use tip of brush handle to make BR holly berries. Use a liner brush to detail buttons with BR swirls.

3. Medium canister: Base-coat stocking stripes with FG and LV. Fill in stocking between stripes with CG. Paint star with LV. Paint stocking cuff, three (swirl) buttons, and hanging loop with BR. Paint holly leaf with FG. Shade cuff and all green edges on stocking with FG. Add a vein to holly leaf with EV. Detail buttons with LV swirls.

4. Small canister: Base-coat stocking with BR. Fill in cuff, heel, and dots on stocking front with CG. Paint holly leaves, bow, and hanging loop with FG. Shade bottoms of lighter green areas with FG. Shade darker green areas with EV. Add stripes to stocking and base-coat (swirl) button with WW. Add an EV vein to each holly leaf. Detail button with a BR swirl.

5. For all canisters: Apply two coats of varnish; let dry between coats.


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