Natural Tabletop Christmas Trees

decorated small bush on table
Add a special touch to your Christmas decor with these pint-size trees made from simple, natural materials.

Wreath Topiary

Hot-glue several layers of pistachios in their shells to the ring, then push the wreath onto a dowel and insert it into a planter that has been fitted with a piece of foam.

Scented Tree

Glue a dowel to the bottom of a small cardboard box, then cover all sides of the box with rows of cinnamon sticks that have been cut to size.

Peppercorn Tree

Red and green peppercorns are hot-glued onto the balls and anchored in a terra-cotta pot that has been painted green, sealed, and fitted with a piece of foam.

Country Mittens

Antique feather trees can still be found at antiques stores and flea markets. Decorate yours with little mitten shapes, twig stars, or miniature pinecones.

Sugarplum Visions

A fruit tree is a traditional holiday decoration. This version gets a twist with a vibrant color scheme and ivy leaves rather than pine greenery. Make it from real fruit, or simply hot-glue artificial fruits onto a foam form, then fill in the gaps with smaller pieces and silk leaves.

Like Minded

Decorations with a consistent theme make a graphic statement on a tabletop tree. To show off the ornaments, choose a tree with short needles and sparse branches. Don't be afraid to trim boughs to create display space.

Wire Wonder

For a holiday tree with a country twist, start by shaping cones out of ordinary chicken wire. Next, insert artificial roses or use fresh roses in water tubes. A base of fresh apples adds another punch of red.

Leafy Tree

Fresh bay leaves -- they curl naturally as they dry--turned upside down give a fairly good impression of a holiday tree. Pin them onto a form and top with a simple star. Artificial berries at the base add a pop of color and texture.

Santa By the Spoonful

Spoons become adorable tree ornaments when you paint Santa faces on them, then attach them to a small tree with raffia bows.

Ivy Topiaries

Purchase live topiary trees from a florist, garden center, or grocery store. Since ivy branches lack the heft of pine trees, use lightweight decorations. Curls of sheer ribbon add to the holiday look but won't make leaves droop.

Sweet Rosemary

An aromatic alternative to pine, a rosemary tree brings the heady scent of the herb garden indoors for the holidays. In warmer climates, place your tree outside next to the door.

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