Use our downloadable stencils and easy, step-by-step instructions to craft this pair of ornate frames to use as holiday wall art.


What You'll Need (for one frame):

  • Downloadable Christmas message design, available below
  • A frame with a 12x18-inch center, prepainted with magnetic and chalkboard paint
  • White transfer paper
  • White chalk pencils


  1. Download a Christmas message design, available below; print and cut out. Tape the design to the center of your frame, making sure the design is straight and centered within the frame.
  2. Slide white transfer paper under the design with transfer side against the chalkboard; trace around the design with a ballpoint pen (this will give you a sharp edge around your design).
  3. Remove the pattern and transfer paper from the chalkboard frame. Fill in your design using chalk pencils.

Editor's Tip: Keeping your pencils sharpened will help you keep the edges of your design sharp and clean. Keep a clean piece of paper between your hand and the chalkboard to prevent smudges, and start at the center of the pattern and work outward to keep your design clean.

Get the downloads:

Get the crowned doves stencil. Get the Christmas cheer stencil.

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October 23, 2018
Once you click the hyperlink, the stencils will automatically download.
October 22, 2018
Unable to access these and many other BH&G stencils & templates. What's the problem????