11 DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments for a Pretty Homespun Tree

decorated felt christmas cookie ornaments
Photo: Carson Downing

Use our free patterns and easy instructions to make felt Christmas ornaments for gifts or to hang on your Christmas tree. These Christmas decorations are perfect for the holiday season, featuring furry friends, Christmas trees, and monograms.

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Felt Ball Ornaments

Round felt ornaments
Adam Albright

Vintage ornaments are always in style, and we love this DIY felt version of the classic, colorful bulbs. To make your DIY felt ball ornaments, simply cut our free pattern from alternating colors of felt and attach the pieces with embroidery thread.

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Plaid Stamped Ornaments

Flat ornaments plaid decoration
Adam Albright

Plaid is always in style for Christmas, and these festive felt ornaments make it easy to incorporate the pattern into your tree decor. And they couldn't be easier to make: Use a plaid stamp ($8 and up, Etsy) and ink to add a plaid pattern to sheets of felt, then cut into ornament shapes and add a ribbon for easy hanging.

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Monogram Ornament

modern wrapped gifts and monogram ornaments
Jason Donnelly

These colorful monogram felt Christmas ornaments can be hung on the tree or used as festive package toppers! To make them, felt loose wool into letters of the alphabet and add cheery wool pom-poms ($13 and up, Etsy).

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Felt Snowflake Ornament

snowflake felt ornament
Kate Mathis

Trace a papier-mache disk onto felt, cut it out, and glue felt to round disk. Use hot glue or crafts glue ($2, Michaels) to decorate with paper dots (from a paper punch), purchased snowflakes, scalloped circles, punched hearts, or felt-covered buttons.

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Felt Baby Owl Ornament

Felt Baby Owl Ornament
Jay Wilde

Skip traditional red and green and craft this cute baby owl from teal and green felt instead.

  1. Trace patterns onto white paper; cut out.
  2. Gather 12-inch pieces of teal, green, white, black, and yellow felt. Trace the owl patterns onto felt; cut out.
  3. Hand-stitch the face features to one body piece using matching thread and the running stitch. Next, layer the two body pieces with wrong sides together, and insert the small owl wings between them.
  4. For the hanging loop, fold a 4-inch length of green ribbon and insert the ends at the top center between the body pieces.
  5. Using a ⅛-inch seam allowance, hand-stitch the body pieces together; catch the wings and hanging loops in the seam as you stitch. Leave a 1-½-inch opening at the bottom of the ornament. Turn right side out. Stuff the body with polyester fiberfill; stitch the opening closed.
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Felt Snowmen Ornaments

Felt Snowmen Ornaments gift topper
Adam Albright

These cheery snowmen are ideal felt Christmas ornaments to make from scraps of felt.

  1. Cut two snowman shapes (one for the front, one for the back) from white felt ($2, Michaels).
  2. Using black embroidery floss, stitch French knots for eyes and outline stitches or straight stitches for smiles. Whipstitch on a scrap of orange felt for a carrot nose.
  3. Stitch the snowman front to the back with blue floss using the blanket stitch; leave a small opening to stuff with polyester fiberfill, then stitch closed.
  4. Cut scraps of felt for fronts and backs of stocking caps; whipstitch other colors on to create stripes.
  5. Blanket-stitch the two layers together, and glue in place on the snowman.
  6. Glue a pom-pom onto each hat if desired, and tie a scarf made of scraps around the neck. Add a ribbon loop for hanging.
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Felted Ball Wreath Ornament

Felted Ball Wreath Ornament
Blaine Moats

This simple wreath ornament made with felted wool balls comes together quickly, so it's easy to make multiples for a cohesive look on your tree.

  1. Thread a large tapestry needle with 26-gauge wire, and run it through the felted wool balls, alternating between small and large sizes (we used five 1½-centimeter balls and five 1-centimeter balls).
  2. Cut the wire and twist the ends together to form a circle.
  3. Tie perle cotton thread or ribbon around the wreath to create the hanging loop.
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Scandinavian-Inspired Felt Christmas Ornaments

Scandinavian-Inspired Christmas Ornaments
Claire Richardson

Traditional folk crafts inspired the imagery and colors of these beautiful ornaments.

  1. Cut out three or more layers of felt (matching colors for front and back, complementary hues for visual depth).
  2. Use hot glue ($3, Michaels) to attach them, or simply attach all layers to one another with a variety of straight stitches and curlicues.
  3. Hot-glue a long ribbon to the top of the ornament for hanging.
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Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament
David Prince

Festive red and white poinsettias will pop against your evergreen Christmas tree. And the best part? These beautiful felt creations don't require watering! Grab some white and red felt ($2, Michaels) to start.

Editor's tip: Make these ornaments without hanging loops (as shown) to use as package decorations.

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Teardrop Christmas Ornament

Teardrop Christmas Ornament
David Prince

This charming felt ornament showcases a simple, elegant design—emphasis on the simple! Pinking shears, felt, glue, and string is all you need to create this Christmas craft.

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Felt Mitten Ornaments

Felt Mitten Ornaments
Jay Wilde

Add a cozy look to your holiday tree with our mitten-shaped felt Christmas ornaments.

Draw a mitten shape onto a piece of paper; cut out. Use the pattern to cut the top mitten layer from wool felt.

  1. Cut out solid shapes from different colors of wool felt or use wool roving to decorate.
  2. Place the mitten top on a felting brush, and arrange your decorations. Using a needle-felting tool and following the manufacturer's instructions, pounce the tool onto the felt piece or roving until secure. Continue adding and layering pieces until design is complete.
  3. Cut a piece of wide roving for the cuff, doubling over if necessary to reach desired thickness.
  4. Tack the cuff to the mitten top using the needle-felting tool. Place the mitten top on a slightly larger mitten back; place on felting brush. Pounce the needle-felting tool around the edge of the mitten top to secure.
  5. To finish the ornament, sew one or two felted balls to the right corner of the cuff. Add a hanging loop.
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