Make a Tiny Deer Place Setting

This oh-so-cute holiday deer shows holiday guests where to sit with a tiny name tag hanging around his neck.

What You'll Need (for one place setting)

  • Deer body patterns, available below
  • Wool felt: tan, ivory, and red
  • Embroidery floss: tan
  • Chenille stems
  • Fiberfill
  • Name tag pattern, available below
  • Thin string



  1. Enlarge the deer body, underbody, head, and tail patterns, available below. Cut out the pattern pieces. Using the patterns, cut one body, one body reversed, and one head from tan felt. Cut one tail and one underbody from ivory felt.
  2. Blanket-stitch the head and body pieces together, shaping the ears as shown and leaving the legs and chest unstitched.
  3. Cut the chenille stem into two 3-inch lengths; bend each length into a U shape, one to fit inside the front legs and the other inside the two rear legs.
  4. Holding the chenille pieces in position, blanket-stitch the ivory underbody to the body around the legs. Leave the chest area open.
  5. Using your fingers or a small pencil, stuff the deer head and body tightly with fiberfill; blanket-stitch the opening closed and sew the tail to the deer.
  6. To finish the place setting, cut a flower from red felt. Print the name tag pattern, available below, and write a guest's name on it with a pen. Punch a hole in the center of each floret on the tag. Thread a string through each hole, tying at the front.
  7. Hang the tag on the finished felt deer. Stand the deer on the flower on top of a plate.


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