Make a Stamped Snowflake Tea Towel

Update a plain cotton tea towel with snowflake stamps you make yourself for a fun winter craft project.


  • Kraft paper
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Two 4×6-inch rubber carving blocks
  • Bone folder
  • Carving tool with V-shape and U-shape attachments (available at hobby stores)
  • Clean and pressed piece of test fabric
  • Fabric block-printing ink: red
  • Paper plate
  • 4-inch-wide brayer
  • Flat-bottom jar
  • Plain cotton flour-sack towel (laundered to remove sizing)
  • Iron


  1. To make the snowflake stamps, cover a flat work surface with kraft paper. Trace our snowflake patterns, available below, onto white paper with a pencil. Lay one traced snowflake pattern, pencil side down, on a rubber carving block. Holding it in place, rub the back of the paper with a bone folder to transfer the design to the block. Remove the paper. Repeat with the second snowflake pattern and the other rubber carving block.
  2. Using the carving tool and a small V-shape attachment, carve away rubber around the edges of each snowflake. Note: Always carve away from your body. For best results, don't let the attachment tip disappear into the rubber; turn the block (rather than the tool) as you carve.
  3. Switch to a wide U-shape attachment and carve the background area around each snowflake. Switch back to V-shape attachment and clean up the edges around the design. Tap the block on your work surface to remove shavings.
  4. Lay the test fabric on your work surface and smooth it out flat. Place a small amount of fabric ink on a paper plate. Roll the brayer through the ink, evenly coating it with a thin layer of ink. Roll the brayer across the carved surface of one of the stamps.
  5. Press the inked stamp onto test fabric. Place a flat-bottom jar on top of the stamp and press down firmly on the back of the stamp for approximately 30 seconds; carefully lift stamp. Based on results, adjust the amount of ink to use for subsequent stamps. If there are trouble spots in your design, clean the stamp and carve away areas that left undesirable marks. Repeat with other snowflake stamp.
  6. Using the same method, stamp snowflakes onto the flour-sack towel as desired. Lay towel flat and let dry overnight.
  7. Press dry towel on back side with a hot dry iron to set the ink and make it permanent. Note: To launder stamped towels, wash in cold water and air-dry.

Get the snowflake pattern.


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